Will It Kill Me? – "Dry Bones"


This one has been heavily requested and so…I finally decided to do it for you guys! The Dry Bones ritual! this one is creepy because, from what I heard, if you lose the demon sucks all the moisture from your body and leaves a dry and empty husk. Creepy….enjoy!

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34 thoughts on “Will It Kill Me? – "Dry Bones"

  1. Dear,god/Allah
    Please forgive me for watching this and the other viewers
    Please protect the viewers and me and my family
    Please please please forgive me Amen.
    Anyways good job your so brave!

  2. In the beginning you were supposed to light your match then wait 15 seconds before you lit the candle. If the match went out before 15 seconds you're not supposed to proceed then after 15 seconds if the match is still lit you may proceed. After that you're supposed to lay on the bathroom floor and say a chant to invite it into your home

  3. Another demon hey man I heard u got Sommounded
    The demon yea man lemme show u
    Me dancing after I Sommounded him
    The demon aye oh don't know her
    The other demon😳😳😳😳😳

  4. 1.it can either take 5 minutes to 5 hours for him to appear so that’s why there wasn’t anything and 2.It’s fake cause one of the rules says that all electronics need to be off and he has his camera on and you can not have any pets around yet he had cats so that’s why it didn’t work and also because it’s probably click bait

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