WildTangent BlasterBall 2: Revolution (Trial Version) Walkthrough


It’s about time that I make walkthroughs of WildTangent games again. This is the first version of the sequel to BlasterBall Wild, “BlasterBall 2.” Since the trial version for this game exists, I thought I would go ahead and make a video about it. There are ten levels to play in this trial. I remember playing this game on my HP Pavilion a700n PC back in the mid-2000s. This is another one of my favorite classic WildTangent games. I will upload gameplay videos of the other two variations later on. Enjoy!

Fun fact: This is the WildTangent game I was talking about in my let’s play of Blue’s Treasure Hunt.

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47 thoughts on “WildTangent BlasterBall 2: Revolution (Trial Version) Walkthrough

  1. CEO100able, my dude! That's my favorite game of all time!! Better than the other blasterballs. Remix is kinda tough and Holidays is the fastest level beating. But the Revolution one is a lot better! About this game, this is a trial version, but I like the full version because you get more power ups, more levels, secrets, bosses, and an even number music! Besides Blasterball, my favorite game is also Polar Golfer!! You are a very good IT person!! ❤️💜

  2. Man I remember this game from my childhood, what I remember about it the most was how great the music was.

  3. I literally loved everything about these game. The music, the little ping sound, the game flow. Ugh I miss it.

  4. I remember this game my bro and I used to play it it had windows XP I couldn't remember it what was it called now I know nowni want to download that game now thanks for the memories: )

  5. Wow, used to play this game and all that's left are good memories of being young. The actual game is pretty generic, nothing special really. Nostalgia is a huge lie, live for the now and the future

  6. Anyone know the game from WildTangent that you had to find hidden objects in order to solve a crime or something like? I really appreciate it 🙂

  7. Hola CEO100able soy Ramon desde Valencia (España) Me podias decir el ling Para Descagar este Juego llevo mucho tiempo Buscandolo Gracias

  8. Uuff used to play it back when i was in elementary school
    Now im about to become an enginneer and havent played it since….
    God too cool

  9. Used to play the fuck out of the trial version whenever I visited my grandma's house. Such good memories :')

  10. I played this back in preschool.. now I'm a junior in high school… this brings back so many good memories

  11. Definitely, I used to play this game FOR HOURS ! on winamp plug
    in while using it (winamp) to listening to Joe Satriani prime guitar
    works back in the 90 ies, it was Ridiculously Hilarious at the time,
    music was good, game was cool and most of all we were young and no life
    background noise ( like bills or health issues) to distract us from
    enjoying music and gaming , all gone with the wind,
    unfortunately, now even with the best Virtual Reality and computer
    gaming rigs that are x100 times faster and more expensive we can't seem to get
    1% of the old days experience and fun, what a shame but it's in the nature of
    things and life isn't it?

  12. This was by far my favorite PC game when I was about 15/16 years old, golly I remember the good ol days when I used to played on my mom's old Mac computer. Now I want to play this game so bad, but I don't know if this game runs on any type of Windows laptop. I'm sure hope it runs more of the modern computers now. I want this game so bad!

  13. DUUUUDE!! I have been trying to find this game again for YEARS!!!! Thank you sooooo much! Brings back soooo many memories!

  14. When I was younger, We had a desktop and it had this game on it. I played this game so much and I loved it! After awhile like now I wanted to search it up but I forgot the name. It took me a very long time but I finally found it. Now I wanna get it 😀

  15. Man, this game and Cannonballs were all I played back in the day. Thanks so much for uploading this walk down memory lane.

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