"Welcome To Paradise" Minecraft Oasis Ep.1


Welcome to Paradise!!! A new Minecraft lets play series that integrates 22 different mods!! Thanks for watching! Leave a like or favorite the video if you enjoyed it!

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HUGE THANKS TO STEVEN for making this possible and putting together the mod pack!
Check him out! –
List of mods included:
– Too Many Items
– Jammy Furniture Mod
– Pams Weee Flowers
– Pams HarvestCraft
– Pams all the Seeds
– Pams Melon Spawn
– Crafting Guide
– Minecraft comes Alive!
– Mo’ Creatures
– SteamShip
– SailBoat
– Aurora Rubealis
– 3D Katana
– 3D Dagger
– 3D pink handgun
– Biomes O’ Plenty
– Tree Capitator (Timber)
– Fossil Archeology

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39 thoughts on “"Welcome To Paradise" Minecraft Oasis Ep.1

  1. cant believe it has been 7 years it feels like just yesterday i was watching this and its minecraft 1.4 and its already 1.16

  2. This is gonna sound crazy but i started watching these kinda vids since i was 5 and i came across this series when i was 6-7 now im 13, im about to rewatch this all bc it brings back so much nostalgia and just bc i love cupquake

  3. i’ve watched every single episode when i was 10 and now i’m 16 almost 17 and i decided to rewatch every single one of these episodes!

  4. I watched this series when I was like 13 and now that I have nostalgia I'm rewatching everything at age 18. Funny part is I still feel the same feeling of when I first watched it… pure happiness 😊. Anyone on the same boat with me?

  5. saw you in a mc monday and now i’m here at 2 am about to binge watch this nostalgia. can’t believe it’s been so long🥺

  6. The first time I saw this is when you first started this mod thing and I want to restart all of it again

  7. fun fact

    this series existed during the notch era

    everything you see was made during the notch era before microsoft took over

  8. cannot believe i was 11 when i first watched this holy shiz. im 18 now. time goes by too fast ahah

  9. Ihascupquake was literally my childhood! She was the first youtuber I subscribed to and I would watch her channel religiously, I recently got Minecraft on my laptop so I've sort of been going down a spiral of old Minecraft youtubers and Minecraft series' I used to watch!

  10. 7 years… wow I remember watching this as a kid I can’t believe it’s still feels good to chill and watch this

  11. I can’t believe it’s been so long since this aired I am Watching in quarantine and it brings back memories from when I was SIX!

  12. I’m very happy that I came across this It has been 4 years ever since I watched this I am now 10 yrs old now It’s so nice to have these kind of memories back

  13. I remember watching this when I was about 9. It’s a shame that the channel, it self isn’t very popular as it used to be.

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