Week 3 2018 BYU vs #6 Wisconsin Highlights Sept 15 2018


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42 thoughts on “Week 3 2018 BYU vs #6 Wisconsin Highlights Sept 15 2018

  1. This was such an awesome moment. I will remember this game my whole life. Thank you BYU, for giving me such fond memories. LET"S GO COUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. I find it funny how nobody gives BYU any credit. All people say is “Wisconsin lost the game” NO! Wisconsin didn’t lose this game, BYU WON this game. If you actually watched the game and not just the highlights, you will see that BYU overpowered the Wisconsin lines.

  4. As a BYU fan the most beautiful moment of the game was Gaglinone owning his mistake to his teammates. The beauty of yhe game.

  5. Fire who ever had Wisconsin a ranked team at the beginning of the season. Same goes for Miami, Notre Dame, FSU, USC, Texas, Penn state and Michigan. All these teams are trash and they'll all lose 3 or more games this yr. Roll Tide Roll

  6. Kind of wish BYU hadn't created such a tough schedule. Playing at #4 Wisconsin and at #6 Washington (at the beginning of the season). They really create some tough schedules. Respectable in the sense that they could just create a cupcake schedule. Washington isn't a lock though. They definitely should beat BYU but double digits. If Utah hadn't shot themselves in the foot multiple times, it would have been somewhat close. I figure the spread will be more than 14 though. If BYU just had a somewhat good QB they'd be a top 20 team. (I don't actually think they're the 25th best team currently). Maybe if Mangum can improve a bit, they'd be a legit top 25.

  7. Wisconsin was in a great position to win the game. 1st down at the BYU 26, 85 seconds left, but then only manage to gain 2 yards in the next three downs. Even getting like 7 yards in those three downs makes that kick a 36 yarder instead of a 41 yarder..which is quite a bit easier. Good defensive stand by BYU though to force them to that 4th & 8. Wisconsin had all the momentum. Difference in the game was BYU's lines, offense creating huge running lanes that lead to long runs, and their defense limiting Wisconsin's running game.


  9. Tough, tough loss for the formerly mighty Badger. A changing of the guard on going in the Big Ten west. Minnesota and Iowa and eventually Nebraska rise up.

  10. 7:55 that is the deer-in-the-headlights look that happens to fans everywhere. Wisconsin will bounce back and be in the B1G championship game again.

  11. Just embarrassing, why does everyone always overrate this team? They had the easiest schedule for any team to ever go undefeated in a regular season last year, and of course well to OSU at the end. I bet Iowa beats Wiscy next week.

  12. This isn't the same Wisconsin team we saw last year. Their offense hasn't been clicking, and their defense isn't forcing the turnovers, sacks, and they aren't stopping big plays all the time. I honestly think Iowa might win the big ten west this year.

  13. It would be cool I’d BYU went undefeated and beat #10 Washington as well. But they already lost once to Cal. That would be sick 11-1??

  14. at least wisconsin fans have the packers. Wiscy might never be a contender but they'll always get 8-10 wins and make a bowl game so good on em.

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