Understanding Breath of the Wild's Multiple Endings


The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild is a modern classic of a game, but all good games must have an ending, and I believe Breath of the Wild actually has four of them. Nintendo has created a game with multiple endings in an attempt to reach as many players as possible, and in this video I will explain why each of these endings are significant and unique.

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34 thoughts on “Understanding Breath of the Wild's Multiple Endings

  1. The Sixth ending is completing all side quests all korok seeds doing every single thing marking all skulls on your map marking all enemy camps on your map marking every single thing with a stamp like cooking pots with the pot stamp stuff like that chest and everything and you do everything as the third ending I like to call the sending the insanity impossible ending and you have to be on Master mode even fill out your entire Hyrule, denim without you know what well I guess you can ask you died at hata no sorry that I'm spelling it wrong but it's you know the village that has the lab my microphone just doesn't recognize whatever the frick I'm saying anyway point is do everything like the fourth ending except you go extra and you do everything the imaginable so basically it would take you about 10 years to complete R5 who knows you just going to go insane and give up

  2. I don't want to ever defeat Ganon because I'm not ready ever and I already had my trouble with it waterblight Ganon where I almost died cuz I had no more food nothing and I didn't have any weapons because I missed the Guardian Sword I picked it up from under him and just threw it at him and I actually did it and also if you defeat all of the blight ganon's in the Divine beasts do they spawn when you fight Calamity Ganon or is it only if you haven't defeated them

  3. Cool they have made trolling like From Software.
    In Dark Souls when you defeat Kalameet's Dragon (one of most difficult boss of this game) when we defeat him we got a ring for reward.
    Just wearing this ring made in you the power to receive x2 damage hit fom enemies and nothing more. This s a troll and they don t care with it the creator made it for joking with players.
    I think this s Aonuma s joke but nothing can say exploring all Hyrule on feet aren t a worse of time.
    I m hero of wild and only get 857 seeds. I m not afraid about the reward i just only remember the amazing point of view we find in this game. Waterfalls, snowymountains, death montain, great plateau, zora s domain ect…
    Amazing and detailled and more word i could say. This game are a gem.

  4. The game has always been about the journey and not the destination. Most times I don’t even fast travel. I love riding my horse through Hyrule and seeing the scenery. I’ve told myself once that I just love the journey. I love the hard work. No matter the prize. It takes awhile but I love it that way. I get to fully experience the game. This game has lived higher than my expectations could have ever imagined. I love it so much

  5. I have done the second and third one but niw I am a completionist, I am trying to conplete the game at 100%

  6. Warrior of the Wild ending:

    "I don't know who I am, or who you are, but all I know is that I must kill."

  7. Hetsu's golden turds actually have some significance! I was in Japan once and in many gift shops you can find golden poops in the form of keychains or phone charms and whatnot. I asked what they meant, and apparently the phrases for "Good luck" and "Gold poop" are so similar they're used as puns to wish friends good luck on an exam or something. So, Hetsu is wishing the completionist good luck! But that pun is completely lost on the rest of the world so it's more a funny "screw you" than anything lmao

  8. Zeldas like congratulations you beat the game you know what happens nothing you don’t get a reward and nothing changes😃

  9. I got all of the shrines,I got all of the memories,I have the master sword,and I have all of the stamina and hearts.Yet,I still get the first ending!?!?!?!

  10. ending 5. Yiga of the wild. keep bullying innocent npc's or die(or just ancient teleportation thingy) trying

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