Timber Arcade-1 Credit Game


Timber Arcade-1 Credit Game! What is more fun than chopping down trees and running on a log in the water for a bonus game? The answer is not much! I got the chance to play this classic at the awesome Galloping Ghost Arcade in Chicago a while back. This is a true classic from way back in 1984 by Midway. Yeah Midway that was purchased by Warner Bros not too long ago. You get to play as the same character that is in Root Beer Tapper and Budweiser Tapper, a mascot of Midway from the time. Basically you run around and try to cut down all the trees and try not to be killed by falling trees, bears, and other animals. Enjoy and Happy Gaming!

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2 thoughts on “Timber Arcade-1 Credit Game

  1. Oh wow!

    What a great game this is Aaron. I love Timber. It's such a quirky game that I spend many hours on the Midway Arcade Treasures 2 for the Xbox. Glad you shared this on original hardware bro. It's really cool. 8^)


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