THIS GAME IS A LIE! | Soda Drinker Pro


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Soda Drinker Pro – the most controversial game of 2016? The comments on this game are so polarizing that we just had to test it out for ourselves. But don’t be fooled, this game is all a charade, hiding the real game beneath its surface. Vivian Clark is what it’s all about!

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Thanks to David Keller for allowing us use of his sound FX:


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49 thoughts on “THIS GAME IS A LIE! | Soda Drinker Pro

  1. Two theory-observation things. 1. Vivian clark looks like it could also say Vivian dark 2. The Vivian clark logo looks like the Corona virus

  2. Came here after your latest Livestream, Jump King! Can't say I'm disappointed, though this was QUITE a doozy, lol 😄

  3. I love the quick cut at 4:41 from MatPat drinking soda while dancing to this serious side of him 👌🏻

  4. Is this the full stream or the highlights? It’s looks long enough to be a stream, but it jumps around some (ex. Beginning)

  5. Steph you seem so mean to MatPat in this video Guurl the guy is doing the best he can! But I do love both you and MatPat heck I even love Jason. Love MissDeLight. <3

  6. Do I have permission to make a really really bad theory for this just based on this video without getting laughed at? Yes? Thanks.

    You, are Vivian Clark. You have a coma, and the beginning of the game, where the graphics are terrible and you must collect soda, are the beginning of your crazy fever dream. The coma is leading to your death and each of the levels are the different stages of your fever dream. The crazier the levels/dreams are, the closer you are to death. You've been diagnosed with a certain disease, or perhaps you've been tested on, either way the results of the tests/sickness have caused a coma in which is causing your slow death. Each level is a representation of either your demons, passions, and memories.

    Holy crap, one of the worst things I've ever written has been contained in this comment.
    Lol make fun of it please.

  7. Ok, just a half baked theory. What if at 18:19 when MatPat takes out the lights in the eye, he actually killed whoever the eyes belonged to. I say this cuz his pupil looks to become dilated. I'm not sure tho.

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