"THE MATING GAME "Minecraft Oasis Ep 40


Now to mate horses
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“THE MATING GAME “Minecraft Oasis Ep 40

Texturepack –

HUGE THANKS TO STEVEN for making this possible and putting together the mod pack!
Check him out! –
List of mods included:
– Too Many Items
– Jammy Furniture Mod
– Pams Weee Flowers
– Pams HarvestCraft
– Pams all the Seeds
– Pams Melon Spawn
– Crafting Guide
– Minecraft comes Alive!
– Mo’ Creatures
– SteamShip
– SailBoat
– Aurora Rubealis
– 3D Katana
– 3D Dagger
– 3D pink handgun
– Biomes O’ Plenty
– Tree Capitator (Timber)
– Fossil Archeology

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Minecraft Mod Playlist:

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Music Credit
Starlit Everglades “Sparkling Zebras”

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21 thoughts on “"THE MATING GAME "Minecraft Oasis Ep 40

  1. I remember watching this series when I was like 10 because I thought you were cute, that was my only reason for watching this lmfao

  2. 2020 anyone ?! man i remember watching these when i was like 8 and 9 like i used to love your videos you were my idol :')

  3. Yknow I love you this series but I hate how she spawns in a lot of stuff. There’s something called exploring during the night

  4. its 2019 and im still obessed with this then the other ones ( noting hating ) but ya luv you tiff ( go follow my ig at officially.gamma ) :)))))))

  5. Did anyone hear the pun.
    Ginger your about to be bread… i know see meant the other type but it was funny

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