Team STONED vs Team DRUNK: Who will win? – GALILEO


ABONNEER op ons hoofdkanaal 👉

KIJK OOK: E-bike kopen? Kijk dit:

iPhone SE – goedkoop EN goede koop?

5G en straling

Tesla Model 3

AirPods Pro – kopen of niet?

PlayStation 5 en Xbox Series X komen eraan

VanMoof S3 e-bike

Deze elektrische step gaat 120 km/u

Siri-sneakers van Nike


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26 thoughts on “Team STONED vs Team DRUNK: Who will win? – GALILEO

  1. i pla football my hole life,and smoke since 20years weed,its bullshit when u can play football u play like sober stoned ,one difference maybe reflexe a tiny bit slower and u are fqast exhausted its overacting in this bullshit….and dont say dutch weed is really potent ye it is but i grow dutch strains)

  2. This was never going to be fair but it was definitely worth watch out of curiosity being high slows you down physically (mellowed out) bit creativity is on 9876553897700.0000 and being drunk is not all that if you dont do border to inhumane stuff

  3. But what if you used a higher dose of thc, and its controversial, because they dont say the exactly how much in % of ethanol there was. Plus,.not every drug has the same effect, some get people angry, happy..

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