Stickman Revenge 3 Android Gameplay (HD)


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Stickman Revenge 3 – The spectacular return in Stickman Revenge series toppled the international game market.
The followers of Stickman Revenge game still have not forgotten the feeling of tight guillotine and ecstatic graphics of Stickman Revenge old version. And what would you expect in a recent version of Stickman fight and this revenge? Whether this revenge will end or not?

Stickman Revenge 3 (Stickman fight) will come back with a new look. Be ready to wipe out the enemy – cruel monster and their obstacles by unprecedented features in Stickman Revenge 2

### Graphics have been updated to a new level.

Continuing the success of images in the old Stickman Revenge, the new version will impresses with absolute contrast and dramatic color and attract the players with each detail (Stickman gun, kinds of Stickman warriors and pet system).

### Character system was upgraded, diversified and INCREDIBLE than ever.

Character system – League of stickman has 3 Stickmans in 3 different styles which are “Truong Kiem”, “Song Dao” and “Trong Kiem”
Each Stickman has his own fighting feature and uses the different weapons and stickman gun, which brings the whole new experience for players.

### Pet system is diversified
With Stickman Revenge 3, the Heroes have been retrofitted Pet system unprecedented in Stickman 2 version.
Pet types are: Angels, Ghosts, Dogs, Pigs and Butterfly which will increase the bonus and score and gain more coin in the runway for Stickman. They are also great warriors.

### Skill
Unique skill system for each character
Skills help Stickman and Stickman warriors increase their power many times and wipe out the enemies at a glance. The warriors can also use Stickman gun to destroy the monster faster.

### Cruel Boss system was unprecedented in precedent

In Stickman Revenge 3, Stickman and Stickman warriors not only have to confront the monsters with various shapes and different mode of attack, but also to destroy the most dangerous Group Boss Monster with incredible power.

Why not download Stickman Revenge 3 right now and be one of the bravest warriors to continue the revenge journey for Stickman and his family, destroying the bloodthirsty monsters and seek justice for the world.

Download Stickman Revenge 3 – League of stickman and rate 5* if you like this Stickman fight!


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30 thoughts on “Stickman Revenge 3 Android Gameplay (HD)

  1. Google Play download URL:

  2. I have completed this game but got disappointed when I saw the ending
    He would be moving in the same place and you must press home and get back

  3. Love all characters. I'm making a story over it and it's a cute one. In short to tell Leo lives in China in a town call shingram and went to learn Marshall arts for a year in a city call tai city 4 months passed there learning Marshall arts working in a cafe for money and befriends a girl name liea .later when saving her from the market from bad guys they both fall in love. Then got married then 2 months later when he left to work the monsters attacked and there leader was zombra (sixth boss) which Leo's master ping was killed his parents disappear and liea died. Which he decided to take revenge .as he was fighting some men in the market one day be cuz they were flirting with some girls till Steve came to. Save them buy shooting them as he and Leo went to the revengers headquarters where Leo met Kira, rocker, jetsu,ichigo etc. Then they plan to kill the bosses. We're miracle love Hana, rocker loves Junny miss and liea was alive becuz her sister died not her but she didn't reveal herself till Leo destroyed all monsters

  4. I can buy KIRRA and KUROKI in this game..this game is very exciting..I have reached the fifth Level Leader .. this fifth step is harder because it's uses a knige laser beam I guess🤔😂😂But I Like it so much this game

  5. This looks exactly like Speedy Ninja by developer NetEase. They just changed s few few things. Same beginning screen when you start. Graphically it looks similar. Even the final score screen is similar

  6. Can ANYONE HELP ME??!!
    I cant find a Stickman game i played a long time ago.
    If anyone can help me ill be very appreciated!
    Description:The game starts with u fighting with a sword, a bunch of monsters that are coming out of the ground and then u go to fight a demon boss but u lose no matter what.
    After that u have to go trough levels fighting other bosses with special moves, skills… etc.
    U can collect wepons by doing achievements, and increase your strengh (… etc) with the money u get from the levels until u reach the boss from the begining and defeat him!

    PLS help me….

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