Soul Void – An Eerie Game Boy Styled Horror Game Set Within a Void Between Life and the Afterlife


Soul Void – An Eerie Game Boy Styled Horror Game Set Within a Void Between Life and the Afterlife
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Note: At present Soul Void has no sound FX or soundtrack whatsoever so I’ve knocked up a (very rough) soundtrack myself. Apologies if some of the songs don’t fit well but if you’d prefer to experience the original version then just mute the audio! 🙂

The majority of the music is courtesy of the talented Komiku on the Free Music Archive:

Other songs include Peace by HOVATOFF:

Phantom by The Grey Room:


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20 thoughts on “Soul Void – An Eerie Game Boy Styled Horror Game Set Within a Void Between Life and the Afterlife

  1. I’ve divided up different sections for shorter watching sections if anyone doesn’t want to sit through 1 and a half hours in one go.

  2. The "Letter from a Worried Mother" bit in the museum makes me think the "Letter to Mama" in Majora's Mask.

    Also that ring next to it reminds me of the Add-Ons from OFF.

  3. Does anyone know what the Leech's theme was?

    I've been compiling the soundtrack together. You can find it here:

  4. got a majority of the soundtrack here. couldn't find a song called phantom anywhere in the grey room's channel, and searching through komiku's songs several times couldn't help me with the other two. any help is appreciated EDIT: Elsie Morgan pulled grim's theme and glitched void out of nowhere, thanks so much <3
    0:03 – Greeter/house theme – the strawberry by komiku

    0:46 – Swamp pier and ending theme – resolution by komiku

    1:19 – Anchor head guy and heart area – big crumble by komiku

    1:52 – Swamp field theme – peace by hovatoff

    5:30 – The grim – torture by coyote hearing
    7:12 – The gap between swamp and town – the horizon by komiku

    7:21 – Town theme – this is happening by komiku

    14:48 – The soul void(hand vine and teeth area) – the zone by komiku

    20:59 – Outpost and main character’s room – friends 2068 by komiku

    32:29 – Main character’s own fear – tension by komiku

    40:15 – The husk – quiet saturday by komiku

    45:35 – Pleasant area – sunset on the beach by komiku

    54:30 – The leech’s area – ???

    1:11:23 – Glitched void – frost by hovatoff

  5. the background music not looping right is infuriating after a while. Edit: Just saw that you made it youtself for the video that deserves kudos regardless.

  6. Welp. I've been looking through that music archive linked in the description for the music at 1:11:24, but I haven't found anything. I did find a bunch of the other musics however, so if you want them here they are!

    12. Tension (03:21): confrontation with self

    65. Big Crumble (01:33): meat place

    63. The Zone (00:48): The hand vine place

    66. This is happening (00:32): a part, i forget

    60. The Strawberry (01:00): Inside of the houses

    11. Friends, 2068 (01:14): Peaceful place

    You do actually have to go to the link and then just paste it into the crtl + f search thing, but there you have them. If you do find the music I'm looking for or anything I missed, please do comment here!

  7. I wonder if this is the same Dev that made the game boy office game? The one where you shoot invisible monsters. I know the dev made that to talk themselves out of suicide.

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