Scarface: The World Is Yours: A Game That Needs to Return


It’s been over a decade since Scarface: The World Is Yours blessed some of us with its presence. Ever since then, some people have been clamouring for the sequel that never came. Scarface is a game that rivaled GTA in many areas and takes its place in my book as one of the best open world games of all time. I’ve been wanting this to make a return one way or another and that is what I talk about in this video. I go through what The World Is Yours is, what happened to it, where are we with a sequel or even a remaster and just discuss why this is a very good game.

Side note,

There was also a PSP Scarface game I don’t really have many thoughts on. It wasn’t great. Also, Hollywood is making yet another unnecessary product as a Scarface remake is set to hit us in 2018. You don’t make a remake of something that’s still great today! Even though 1983 Scarface is a remake of 1932 Scarface, that’s different.

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28 thoughts on “Scarface: The World Is Yours: A Game That Needs to Return

  1. Just asking for a bit of feedback here, I'd really appreciate anyone responding to this.

    I want to go ahead and do these types of videos in the future and make a new series called "(Game name) A Series/Game That Needs To Return". The problem I had with this one was that I couldn't decide on the format.

    So what I'm asking is, do you like the format of me explaining the game and its aspects in-depth or should it just be a short explanation of said game as well as a short review/list of my thoughts (what I love about the game etc.)?

    The rest will stay the same. The introduction, what the game is and other relevant interesting information, my thoughts on it and then what happened and sequel talk an so on. Basically, should I have explained the various aspects and what you did/could do in the game the way that I did?

  2. Heads up: SF:TWIY is compatible with the Xbox 360 and runs well. I don't really know the current popularity of the Xbox 360, but you can get them for cheap now.

  3. I wish ps4 and the future ps5 rerelease scarface with a very hardcore up date graphics an stick to the story's unlike the other ps4 game remakes I'm old school gamer I love scarface the game I still watch the movie to these day I miss the game sense I lost my ps2 along time ago I had a of a time with the game I got both game at the same time warriors the game which was awsome just like scareface it was an awsome gaming year

  4. My issue is that this game was very ahead of its time in certain aspects. The ability to purchase items for you home, boats, cars, luxuries. Get eaten by a shark, switch character, own stores and fronts and clubs and take over the world, and also travel other islands is nothing short of what we get today maybe less. Mafia 3 is similar in build and falls short of this title from 2006! in terms of content and even story if you ask me. Everyone got lazy and now tries to sell you ice 3 months later for your water.

  5. Bang on with all you said, man. Great review, plus if the movie had tested much better they would have ended it with Tony surviving. As for the game pure genius, but it should have been on PS3 as a launch title. I just wish with the game they had Michelle Pfeiffer character back with Tony'S child. But that aside Truly amazing game, instant sub for it.

  6. Loved this game, still have the collectors edition for ps2 I had preordered and have had since the release… Such a good game

  7. I still play Scarface on PS2. I’m currently in the process of collecting 500,000 or 1 Million grams of yeyo

  8. Epic video mate, I was around 12 when I played this. I loved it so much, but my best mate at the time asked me to lend it to him and I did and I never got it back 😂 my memories aren’t clear just like with most ps2 games. But I remember bits and pieces of awesomeness, like I think a hummer h1 with a 50cal? And sharks. Though this video definitely jogged all that up, thanks so much for the effort. I miss my childhood so much sometimes.

  9. I m so sorry. But I enjoyed the Scarface more than GTA. Scarface is the only game gaining money make you satisfied.

  10. this was the direction i thought saint row 2 would go to but oh well just order this game now i heard of it great video bud. can you buy for 360?

  11. I've been trying to get this game to run on the PC and am pissed off that i can't get it past the 1st mission. It did a lot of things right. Tony Montana personality is very accurate and all the lines they gave him adds to the fun of being Scarface. The was a bit repetitive but, I could deal with it because the game play. The game had it's flaws but, overall a well done game. I wish they'd remaster it at the very least.

  12. I have more nostalgia for this than any GTA game, for whatever reason i was allowed to play this but not GTA growing up

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