Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Screen replacement / Fix / Repair / skärmbyte

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How to replace Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935F screen.

Samsung Galaxy S7 skärmbyte i Göteborg:

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Samsung s7 skärmbyte Göteborg, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935F LCD touch replacement, Disassembly, Teardown, fix, skärmbyte, reparation, göteborg, stockholm, Sweden
rasigt glas / LCD / skärm på din Xperia Z5 / Z5 Premium ? Sony
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935F Glasbyte. Har du tappat din
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935F så att glaset har gått sönder? Vi kan laga och reparera din smartphone snabbt. Vi har skärmar i lager för att kunna laga din
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935F så att den blir som ny igen. Observera att vi inte kan garantera att enheten är vattentät efter reparationen.


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30 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Screen replacement / Fix / Repair / skärmbyte

  1. Hola my samsung 7 edge se enciende y se apaga no pasa del logo de inicio y despues se pone la pantalla en negro hasta
    que se gasta la bateria – Qué tengo que hacer

  2. Really tech gabage and i gues the screen change was a magic trick..this guy couldn't do it.. its not easy…..dont bother watching and they do is take back of unplug MB and plug back in an close…. FALSE scheme

  3. i have a problem with my s7edge its camera lense shakes inside the case … but it becomes stable as i open my camera app … what shal i do ….

  4. What is the piece that is called before you put the speaker in? I am missing this piece and want to order a new one but not sure what it is called

  5. my phone fell exactly on the volume up button and the button is jammed in. does it make sense to make somebody fix, or just usr it as is?

  6. Я покупал на али дороговато конечно, но в разы дешевле нежели у нас в городе. Все установили в сервисном центре Samsung. Мастер сказал, что экран оригинальный, хотя им в центр обычно приходят в сборе в корпусе. У продавца видел такие экраны в сборе, но они стоят дороже хотя их можно с легкостью самому поставить. Сам продавец очень отзывчивый – консультировал и все доходчиво разъяснял.

  7. Neeeeever use a metal pry tool to pry out a battery, they're very easy to puncture.. Also try to remove the battery from the opposite side of what this technician does, as prying up a battery from the side close to the motherboard could very easily cause severe and perhaps even irreparable damage.

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