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42 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Battery Replacement Guide – RepairsUniverse

  1. If your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge battery won't hold a charge and is constantly dying, you've found the right video! This easy to follow, step by step guide shows you how to safely replace your battery!

  2. My brother gave me this phone a few years ago and never actually use it for call. Just use it recently to monitor my living room camera so I can watch my dog from my bed room. Just started to use it recently and now today 6/7/20 the battery expanded so big the back cover came out. I think from leaving the monitoring app too long and built up heat I guess. Already order the kit, thanks for the DIY instruction.

  3. Very good video. Used it to replace my battery and all went well. Not hard to do because you did a great job. Thanks!

  4. हमारा भी मोबाइल रेट सैमसंग गैलेक्सी E7 बनानास टॉर्च फूट गया है फूट गया है 7355776002 इस नंबर पर फोन करें

  5. Thanks for the video. I just replaced my battery myself since the warranty expired a year ago on it and the battery was internally shorted. The hardest part is getting the back of the case off really.

    To adhere the battery to the frame and recreate the seal around the back edge I used 1mm Tessa brand tape.

  6. bought a heat gun, new samsung 3600mah battery w/ tool kit…took me exactly 37 min to do this…i was a little hesitant until i seen this video which made it easy for me..saved myself over $115.00 for someone else to do it…I refuse to pay over$900.00 my S7 edge still rocks!

  7. Do I have to hard reset the phone before replacing the battery? Because our local Samsung Services said that I have to reset it, so I want to know if resetting was necessary.

  8. Seems like the adhesive was holding the back phone cover in place, so when reassembling the phone, shouldn't there be an adhesive applied back onto the back cover? Same with the battery: wouldn't having an adhesive on the battery prevent the battery itself from damaging the phone from the inside if the phone were dropped?

  9. Hi there, thanks for amazing video…i did replace my battery,however the back and return keys stopped working…its not just the light…they stopped functioning totally. Can u please help me out…worried. thanks in advance.

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