Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 (S7582) : How to insert SIM ?

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Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 (S7582) : How to insert SIM For Business Inquiry contact or

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Disclaimer: Please note that you are dealing with very sensitive electronics parts/products. Don’t forget to use ESD protection wrist band. This video is only for knowledge. BCD Tech is not responsible for any damaged to your Mobile phone or device if you try what I did. So do this at your own risk

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27 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 (S7582) : How to insert SIM ?

  1. Shahil Basen Beg: Either you had set data from sim 2. check that. If problem exist then rest the phone

  2. Hi…I'm from Srilanka.I also got a Samsung S Duos 2 Mobile..I used for some SIM 1's mobile data not working..Can you help me to identify the problem please…

  3. Please help me !! So I have inserted my sim card and the phone recognizes that the sim card is in there and that is a Telus sim card but it won't give me any service. I have tried restarting my phone completely and everything the internet has said. I also did the check from your other video and is not a fake phone. Please help me

  4. Nice review 🙂
    How can I check that my Galaxy S Duos 2 is an original samsung phone, not a fake one ? PLZ

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