Samsung Galaxy Book S Review | Super-Skinny Ultraportable

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Review of Samsung’s new Galaxy Book S ultraportable laptop, a supremely skinny Snapdragon machine boasting one of the best battery performances of any 2020 Windows notebook. Here’s my verdict after almost two weeks of full time testing and benchmarking, including a look at the gaming prowess, display tech and more.

The Samsung Galaxy Book S is definitely designed with portability in mind. That slim and light design and long-lasting battery is perfect for travel, which of course is not ideal for the current situation. But once students go back to school and us working chumps hit the office, it’s all good. Especially with LTE SIM support for data networking.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8cx platform powers the Galaxy Book laptop and it’s fine for everyday multi-tasking and student life, although video editing and gaming are a no no. You can run full Windows, complete with Samsung features like DeX support. And the display is a stunning Full HD touchscreen panel with accurate colour reproduction, ideal for movies and photo editing.

If you’re after impressive portability and can live with Chrome OS, I’d point you to a more affordable Chromebook instead. But the Book S is a decent option for Windows lovers who aren’t too demanding. Check out my other laptop reviews for more ideas.


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35 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Book S Review | Super-Skinny Ultraportable

  1. Gahh its so hard finding the review of the Samsung Galaxy Book S Intel. All I can find are the Samsung Galaxy Book S Qualcomm (ie ARM) versions. O'well.

  2. My GF recently bought this very same laptop for video editing. But she's finding it tough to install Adobe Premiere Pro for it. I tried to install Adobe Premiere Pro cc 2018 but showed error saying it's not compatible with the system
    Can anyone please help me with any solution around this problem?

  3. Really tempting to get, but at the price, it's a tough sell.
    The limited capability, battery life, and portability, it's a great daily for any student, but those same students have more important items to buy on that price point.
    Another target could be the traveling business folk, but I assume there's a more competitive selection for them there with their budget.

  4. I really don't think the 10 hours battery life is that impressive considering you could get the same from the Dell XPS 13 with a better cpu

  5. Love how you specifically use the spyder x for the colour gamut details Can you please make a video on creator based laptops on a budget, it'll be of great help, thankyou!

  6. If anyone could answer I would appreciate it. Is this computer worth getting for $1,000.00? I have been given mix answers. (All I would use it for is my classes and video calls also Netflix) …..

  7. It’d be cool to see a head-to-head comparison.

  8. I bought an S back in FEB-15-2020 from verizon . I've been using everyday for communications and checking in via internet. Awesome, I'm considering buy another one as a backup in case this breaks and samsung stops selling them. I use a Dell XPS 15" 7590 for my heavy work. Luv the S, a lot of tech people ask me about it at work.

  9. HELLO.

  10. Do you think this thing can run OBS streaming with Webcam and alerts? (No gaming off course, just camera picture in 1080p 30fps)

  11. hi there, love your reviews, i always check with you before i buy my next gadget 👍. i was wondering if you could review the ipega 9167?

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