Samsung Galaxy A8+ Review

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The Galaxy A8+ 2018 is Samsung’s newest upper mid-range phone. It has a big, 6-inch Super AMOLED screen that makes it stand out from most other phones in its class. It also looks very similar to the flagship Galaxy S series with a glass-and-metal design.

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41 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy A8+ Review

  1. Audio in video recording unable to catch base and the sound is like panning from left to right low to high . Is there any solution?

  2. Can someone please, please help me? I have the A8+ and I want to move my vacation pics located in one album to safer storage. They are 1900+ pics and videos and I am worried of losing them somehow. How do I do this? I do have an external hard drive and I probably have most of the hardware necessary to copy them but I am not sure how. I am out of Samsung storage so they are not even backed up. My email is if you want to respond directly to ensure I receive the notice immediately. Thanks in advance.

  3. Is it still good to purchase this phone or wait for the next version? I am currently using a oneplus 3t which doesn't work properly

  4. Dear youtube viewers, Please avoid this phone. The video quality and picture are JUST AWFUL. And everyone nowadays buys their phone for pics and video right? This purchase has been the biggest disappointment of all.

  5. +phonearena do you know if the bootloader can be unlocked on this phone. Does it come with factory unlocked bootloader.

  6. Those bezel-less designs have a big flaw and you will notice it too, nothing futuristic.

    Try watching a video or reading and be annoyed by the white line of glow reflections from those said curved edges.

  7. I don't understand the glass back trend, it's ugly once you used it from all the grease of the fingerprints, easily breakable, most people use a cover, then why?

    Useless FAD for the sake of increasing price for "premium feeling".

  8. How does this jackshit Samsung mid range phone cost as much as a Xiaomi Black Shark which outperforms the Razer Phone????

    If you have the money to afford this don't waste it and just buy the Xiaomi Mi 8 or the Xiaomi Black Shark, they're both flagship phones that can even outperform Samsung's S9 (watch some speed comparison videos if you're not convinced).

  9. 400$ on amazon it’s double the price of the J6 but it’s worth it for the Dolby Atmos and ip rating bigger screen as well as bigger battery and better camera as well as better display.

    I wanted the note 9 but it’s not worth the extra 600$ with the 600$ I’m saving buying this phone I can put it twords a Tab S4

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