Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018) Review

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Samsung has just unveiled a duo of new affordable phones that bring its beautiful AMOLED screens at a low price and that deliver the reliability of a Samsung experience. We have already reviewed the larger of the two, the Galaxy A6+, and today, we have the more compact and affordable one, the Galaxy A6 (2018), up for review.

The Galaxy A6 (2018) features a sturdy metal design in a compact thin and elegant body and it features the Samsung Experience interface, but it also makes a few compromises that you should be aware of. Of course, all those compromises are in line with the affordable price of this phone: in Europe, it costs around 310 euro and the phone is rumored to also come to the United States in the future.

Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018) Review:

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36 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018) Review

  1. Watching this on 2020, the tech reviewer said "this phone is affordable so don't expect future updates."

    But in reality, the A6 (2018) received the Android 10 one ui 2 😆❤️ It receives the 2 more major updates.

  2. This phone gets slow and can even get blocked in case you use camera's portrait pictues mode for 10min, Battery gets warm. I would say camera is the issue for this phone.

  3. I've had this phone for a year and Luke three months ago my front facing camera just suddenly stopped working. Also storage is literal doodoo with 32 gb. You'll be full as soon as you go on any trip where you want to take a lot of pictures

  4. My only complaint is they got rid of the center button. Why do that the center is always the center. It's almost like finding home keys on a keyboard. It just makes life so much easier, especially if you're driving or something. Other than that my girlfriend has an S8 and I would say this phone is Not far behind it may be equal in my humble opinion.

  5. It's a good phone but, do yourself a favour… instantly buy prottective glass and a case, i have changed it 2 times just because of that, plus i found the camera pretty bad and the focus takes fucking forever, there are just way better choices than this phone but….
    Per general it's a good phone

  6. I upgraded from the A6 to the XR just because of preference but this was the best phone I’ve had before the XR

  7. i have this phone it is very nice the camera is pretty good but i have serious problems with focus/autofocus, especially at night and dark places with lights (like clubs) it loses focus all the time in video mode , i can't capture a video without autofocus being fucked up, it tries to focus and then whole video is blurred…and i start a new video hoping it will stay okey…can someone help me??

  8. Great review
    I just bought this phone after getting my s8 stolen. I dont k how which is better,but my s8 was more expensive and I miss it 😭

  9. I like the big phones..I was going to get this phone Thursday but it's too small. I like big phones like the ZTE Blade

  10. I use my phone mostly for social media and videos. What should I go for? I don't really care about the cameras. A6 or A50 guys?

  11. Shouldn’t ever compare android to iPhone . iPhones are straight trash . Over priced pieces of ————

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