Ryu "Live Play" (Moonster/Asmodee Games) GreyElephant Gaming


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7 thoughts on “Ryu "Live Play" (Moonster/Asmodee Games) GreyElephant Gaming

  1. Thanks to all the idiotic sound effects and loud moronic singing, I stopped being able to tolerate this idiotic play thru. And getting the simple iconography of the 1st dragon section wrong. How many games have you played?!Lame. On all levels.

  2. Are you sure you need 3x each color to build the first section? The iconography sure makes it look like just 3x one color will work. Note: I'm mid way through the video so I'm not sure if this is corrected later 🙂

  3. The tile that makes your opponent discard all of their tokens above 4 and the opponent gets to pick one is….garbage…other than that – it is pretty kewlio…

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