/r/Anime Sings – Aozora Jumping Heart (Love Live Sunshine OP)

Giải Trí

I was not expecting close to 40 people oof
Thank you to all the songmasters that helped me with using effects and Lixien for introducing and making me use effects LOL I wasn’t gonna use any since it didn’t sound bad at all either owo
But yes, my hard work and their hard work definitely paid off. I hope you enjoy it! XD

Credits to アプス for the Hanamaru MMD model used!

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Song: Aozora Jumping Heart – Aqours
歌: 青空ジャンピングハート – Aqours

Clean [Song Only] Mix:

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28 thoughts on “/r/Anime Sings – Aozora Jumping Heart (Love Live Sunshine OP)

  1. Bushimo got me again! Welcome to hell myself, I guess lol~

    Edit: hand claps and kazoo are my favourite instruments from now on!

    Also, the ending~👍

  2. Combined with the instrumental and the obvious practice you put in this sounds decent at least to me.

  3. > "Aquors"
    Ok then

    But seriously, im so glad this went out well! And yes, your gonna get your ass beat.

  4. I'm sorry you guys had to deal with my trash art. They made me put it in LOL >.>

    Thank you everyone for joining!! <3

  5. Would have participated but School got in the way and ended up forgetting. Great song as always.

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