PSX Longplay [401] Independence Day


Played by: Mad-Matt

PlayStation Game based on the movie of the same name.

The game pretty much just takes one aspect of the film which is to destroy the core weapon on the alien ships to bring them down. And then be the one pilot that takes them down over several other cities before finally taking on the mother ship.

The game is let down mostly by its bad frame rate and poor controls. Its not to bad in the early levels, but when the aliens bring out the heavy artillery later on, you end up being knocked about all over the place making it difficult to shoot what you want. You cant even go after those alien fighters easily as you just end up circling each other, and some other random artillery will get you.

Each level at least has a different objective before going after the main weapon and health/weapon pickups are reasonably plentiful even though it doesn’t seem like the health pickups award anything at times. After the game is completed, you can replay the levels with any planes you found during the game. During my run it still offers me to select a plane even though I can only use the one.

I didn’t find this game a whole lot of fun to play and was glad when it was over.


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20 thoughts on “PSX Longplay [401] Independence Day

  1. I rented this a couple of times from my local Video Store. I only loved it because I loved the movie. I loved the alien ship design as a kid.

  2. 0:00 old times of my childhood 🙂 it's exciting and is a sound delicious, and I remember this intro 0:33 when I played alien resurrection 🙂 good times 🙂

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