Pocophone F1 vs Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus – Speed Test!

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Xiaomi Pocophone F1 vs Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus speed test comparison! Which is faster?

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47 thoughts on “Pocophone F1 vs Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus – Speed Test!

  1. Omg poco f1 300$ vs S9 800$ omg is very nice
    I like Xiaomi poco f1 is very fast with a low money 🥰🥰🥰🥰🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦

  2. Hello, what do you think is the best phone for games with high graphics:
    Poco F1 or Redmi Note 8 pro

  3. Houve meio que um empate, mas se colocar no jogo do bicho, o S nine Plus ganha por quê é top de linha etc…

  4. All here are fighting over which phone is better but…ITS ALL ABOUT YOUR TASTE if you like the poco then go with it if you like the samsung go with that one!!! Its as simple as that!!! I have the s9 and my friend has the poco and we both have advantages on different functions of both phones so…just go with what you can afford and what you like

  5. So basically everyone is doing the speed test of poco with s9, iPhone x, 1 plus, k20pro. So I think that poco phone is won already

  6. that super amoled display was dope, and the camera, daaamn! and the feels, it feels like a million dollar bucks. fuck the speed, i just want an s9+.

  7. But just compairing them by their launched price is ridiculous because poco only drpped by 20-30$ but s9+ by 600-700$ now it almost at 350$ while it is better than poco than in every way possible

  8. s9 + still has the best feeling when using it but on gamers pocophone is good for not actually gamers just want many features samsung pay etc. s9+ would be good.

  9. Both phones have SD845 so I guess that means when it comes to running and opening apps it's pretty much the same, maybe with the s9 coming in better for gaming.

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