Playing with 'Skip-It' Might be Dangerous – The Toy Shop


Special guest Piotr Michael and host Dustin McLean play with the classic toy “Skip-It” for the very first time! Things don’t go exactly as planned but we do get a visit from Jeff Goldblum, Doc Brown and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In each episode we play with some of our favorite toys from our childhoods! Will they be as fun as we remember? Let us know which toys from your childhood you want us to review next!

Dustin McLean
Piotr Michael

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10 thoughts on “Playing with 'Skip-It' Might be Dangerous – The Toy Shop

  1. If it ever hit you in the leg it hurt. It used to rub and wear your trousers and if you were wearing shorts, it was a sore experience. It would dent anything it hit not made of titanium. Great toy except my sister's one was pink and I looked dodgy playing with it.

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