Pam Catches JaVale Throwing a Party | Mom's Got Game | Oprah Winfrey Network


Pam and JaVale’s relationship has been rocky since JaVale has been wanting to spend less time with his mom. Things could get even rockier when Pam discovers that JaVale is throwing a house party without even letting her know. Tune in for all-new episodes of Mom’s Got Game Saturdays at 10/9c. For more on #Mom’s Got Game, visit

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Pam Catches JaVale Throwing a Party | Mom’s Got Game | Oprah Winfrey Network


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22 thoughts on “Pam Catches JaVale Throwing a Party | Mom's Got Game | Oprah Winfrey Network

  1. “Jay “has the most annoying voice I ever heard … voice that stuck in your head for long time … 😌

  2. This is how adults resolve conflict. Talk, debate then calm down and observe the reality of the situation.

    All parties win ( win/win).

    Conflict Resolution 101.

  3. Javale you are blessed man I love your mother she is a wonderful person and seems like she really cares about you you are blessed that your mom are still young and you can learn a lot from her she is a strong beautiful black woman and she cares about you I'm out peace out.

  4. I'ts hard to let go of your babies if u give a s#it even after they are grown, but then I stop and think, I was waaay stupider than all my kids and here I am aging and graying, if we made this far, why not them

  5. I use to be the same way but u gotta learn how to let go and put ill self first ,my kids always was first now I have two grown n 1teenager and I'm happy its one down n I don't think my baby will never go nowhere now this will be my hardest n I think I still wont really let go, i'mma be just like his mother….

  6. Its fine to a protective parent but, sometimes we as moms to our children, can gp overboard with it. When Javelle get the woman who he's serious about, I'm sure he will let mom know that he truly has got it all by himself. He just strikes me as that type of guy. Pam is way too protective about her assistant J as well.

  7. Woww lol poor girl who will be dating her son. She wil be the mother in law from hell. But seriously she need to let him be, she need to trust her son to make the right decision. Life is about making good and bad decision that how your learn.u give bith to children but at one point u have to let them go and trust them about making the right choice for their lives.

  8. LOL – I thought my mother was protective+ 🙂  I will start praying for his future wife right now – cause mamma Pam does not play when it comes to her child…. Hooches better hit the door !!!!!!! 

  9. Yes Mama Pat…it's time to let him..Go and…Grow!…I feel you Mom but…it's…time…Trust God! and your children especially your..Son.

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