Old Video Games: Convenience Store Caper, Cookin' for Elvis


Seth plays some of his favorite old Jorbus video games, including The Legend of Zelda Fitzgerald.
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Old Video Games: Convenience Store Caper, Cookin’ for Elvis- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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41 thoughts on “Old Video Games: Convenience Store Caper, Cookin' for Elvis

  1. Fun fact: all the JORBUS games are un-winnable for a reason. If you are using a JORBUS, you already lost.

  2. OMG I had that!! I got the Zelda bundle for my sister's birthday. I read so much Hemingway and Fitzgerald in my teens

  3. I like that games were referenced, I just really didn't find this funny. Just a bunch of cringey faux games with old lame humor.

  4. FAKE NEWS! THE MEDIA IS LYING! There were other games before the Legend of Zelda Fitzgerald that didn't sell a single copy, like Incontent Drinker, and Shopping Cart Retriever. I bet you never even heard of them!

  5. Why did they blur an already pixelated woman? I'm dumb, donut get jokes.
    Unrelated, is Southpark back on, yet? I desparately need to laugh in a very cynical and honest way…

  6. Aaaahhahahahahaaa!
    Whoever wrote that Zelda/Fitzgerald/Hemingway bit deserves a significant raise in my opinion.

  7. I love Personal Space Invaders! Especially Level 69 where you have to avoid the trench coated guy who wandered in from the porn theatre next door.

  8. "Precursor to nintendo" —- "16 bits graphics."

    Does not compute. The nintendo was out in 1985, 16-bit processors were out by then but it was mostly for the CMOS 65816 as seen on the Apple IIGS. In short, games would not looks like that in 1984 or prior to that…

  9. Man my favorite Jorbus game was 'Uncle Mario'.
    You hang out at your deadbeat Uncle's place and have to stay out of his sight when he's drunk.

  10. Pre-cursor to the nintendo and has recorded dialogue and 16bit graphics? Wow ahead of its time is an understatement

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