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What kind of games could we experience if not everything was based on combat and fast-paced action mechanics? What if games could replicate the simple pleasures of more down-to-earth experiences like having dinner with a friend?
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(Original air date: January 12, 2011)

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43 thoughts on “Non-Combat Gaming – How to Make Social Mechanics Fun – Extra Credits

  1. Oxenfree is probably most engaging game I’ve played. You play as a teenage girl named Alex who opened a rift with her radio while at an overnight party on an old military island, releasing ghosts and transporting everyone to different parts of the island. It has so much depth, and the radio mechanic to interact with the supernatural is so interesting. It has no combat, and it’s the most invested I’ve ever been in a game

    It’s a walking and talking game that has no cut scenes, and it’s a thriller without combat

  2. You know the whole time I was watching this video. I was thinking that they were summing up The Walking Dead game. I just realized that this was released 22 days before that released.

  3. i will never play a non combat game sports eww life sim eww a romantic thriller magic medevil sifi racing rpg shooter sign me up i mean look at the sims or those farm sims like animal crossing they have such a huge following personally i cant see why someone wont make a game like a tv drama counting how popular those things are i mean multi choice questions is the only gameplay aspect that needs to be solid along with the story moving around in a sand box you think people wont buy

  4. In my opinion Games just aren’t fun without combat and I can invite people to dinner over Diablo 3

  5. In 2012, this video existed. In the present day, we are still recovering from an overwhelming ammount of sans undertale memes. Coincidence? You decide!

  6. Me, the only combat game I have being minecraft: I'm gonna shoot somebody… with a bow and arrow

  7. What about a game where you manipulate everyone around you for money/social status to level up social stats instead of combat stats? Cosmetics and fashionable clothes are then like armour or weapons which increase how effective your manipulation attacks are. Interactions with different characters have a lot more wiggle room to be really interesting because other characters' personalities will affect how your manipulation hits. For example, the bribery attack would be less effective on a goody two shoes character, but very effective if you had, say, blackmailed their boss into demoting them leaving them in desperate need of some extra cash.

  8. I think Fire Emblem 3 houses does this well. The fighting is only half of the game, the other half is teaching your students and improving relationships.

    And one great way to improve relationships is tea time. You invite a character to tea, and then have to introduce topics you think they'd be interested in. If you succeed, your support greatly increases

  9. Can you please make a remix of those old videos? Those videos are pretty good, but speech and screen quality is pretty bad. Please, make a remix of those videos.

  10. Amazing how a video posted 8 years ago is still so relevant and interesting. Good job guys. And thank you.

  11. In Minecraft, I avoid combat.

    I wrote that, and I now realise that yesterday instead of fighting I built a mob grinder. Not fighting, it’s too unfair.

  12. Socrates jones (free web game, go play in your browser) is a great example of how arguing can be a fun experience.

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