Nintendo DS Longplay [057] Garfield – A Tale of Two Kittens


Played by: NPI

Based on the movie, but don’t worry, this is actually a decent platformer for the DS. Unfortunately there is a glitch that prevents you from collecting all of the food scattered around. In level 8 (below the branch at 00:32:25) I’ve spent literally an hour trying to figure out how to take the pizza and all Garfield is doing is going through the food. There is just no way it can be done (even in the European version of the game). If anyone could pick it up somehow, write it down please.

The YouTube video is missing the extra ending – download the video on our site to see it 🙂


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29 thoughts on “Nintendo DS Longplay [057] Garfield – A Tale of Two Kittens

  1. I loved this game as a kid! I used to play it all the time and no offense but I would give up Animal Crossing to play this again

  2. HOLY CRAP THE NOSTALGIA I JUST GOT HIT WITH. This is one of those games that you think "I forgot this existed" and it all comes flooding back

  3. I used to play it 12 years ago! Now I have so many memories… I can't believe you could beat the game in a half and an hour. It took me months or even years to beat it when I was younger. I found it so difficult, specially the final levels!

  4. The plot twist comes at the end of the game when the credits roll and you realize, wow, more than one person worked on this.

  5. I used to love playing this! Never took that long to beat so I used to play it over and over 😂 I know the graphics were never great but that was the last thing I cared about in games, and still is. It's a great platformer though

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