My Final Modded Wii Project 4tb fully F****** Loaded


over 1000 wii Gamecube
over 500 Gamecube games
Gameboy Classic: 598 Games
Gameboy Classic (J)34 Games
Gameboy Color: 569 Games
Gameboy Advance: 1159 Games
Sega Genesis/MegaDrive 793 games
Sega Master System 345 games
Sega SG-1000 54 games
Sega Game Gear 374 Games
Scumm 23 Games
Super Nintendo 1000 games
Nintendo 1000 games
Mame 500 games
Neo Geo 82 Games
N64 299 roms
Atari 2600 550 roms
Intellivision 180 roms
ColecoVision 169 games
Magnavox Odyssey 2 91 games
Atari 800/5200) with 455 games
Virtual Boy 34 games
and custom themes for 4.3
and full of anime/movies like
Aaahh!!! Real Monsters
all seasons of naruto
Avatar the last Airbender
Disney Movies 1937-2015
Dragonball Z Remastered Seasons 1-9 + Movies Pack
Ed, Edd, n’ Eddy – Seasons 1-5 + Extras
Kenan and Kel – Full Series
Looney Tunes Golden Collection


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30 thoughts on “My Final Modded Wii Project 4tb fully F****** Loaded

  1. Jamar leetrail is there a way you can hit me up on Facebook do that I can discuss hours to get one of these modded Wii's off you I'm under Victor Rebecca Brown

  2. Have trouble finding my back's ups run on GC and pxs not All games this setup is nice wish mines would run like this

  3. 4 Terabytes, WOW you are not joking, I am aruond 160-180Go on my Wii U without using external hard drive but still I though it was pretty good. Are you sure everything work? I can't imagine how much time to sunk into it, good job man.

  4. If you have black ops or goldeneye, wats your friend code (for black ops and/or goldeneye) Wii version of black ops of corce.

  5. Hey can I send you my sad card and you copy all the things on your sd card and put it on mine and send it back

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