Mulan: Disney's Animated Storybook (Mulan's Story Studio) – Full Gameplay/Walkthrough (Longplay)


Full gameplay/walkthrough of Disney’s Animated Storybook: Mulan – Read and Play! Enjoy!


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24 thoughts on “Mulan: Disney's Animated Storybook (Mulan's Story Studio) – Full Gameplay/Walkthrough (Longplay)

  1. My guess is that this was the only Disney Animated Story Book to be also seen as a PlayStation game. It’s a shame that the other Disney Animated Story Books could’ve been a PlayStation version as well.

  2. I always hated when Grandma Fa asks for something (a cricket, an apple, ect) then gets mad when you give her the wrong color.

  3. Hi! I really need to know where i can download this!!!! Would appreciate it so much if you could help me!

  4. Differences from the film:
    Chi Fu is absent(thank god!)
    Shan Yu's falcon is absent
    Mulan's horse is absent
    2 of Shan Yu's 5 elite Huns are absent(the archer and second shirtless one)
    All the scenes focused on Shan Yu are absent
    Mulan appears to screw up at the Matchmaker because she accidently spilled tea on her and not because of the cricket escaping.
    Mulan finds the conscription to her father after she gets home instead of the imperial soldiers coming to the village and trying to plead that her father is not fit to fight. Implying the soldiers arrived while she was out in this version.
    No night bathing scene.
    Mushu doesn't make a fake order message.
    No destroyed village so either all those soldiers, villagers and Shang's dad don't die or the village is just non existent
    Mulan gets injured somehow without being slashed by Shan Yu's sword.
    Shang comes off as more of a jerk who leaves Mulan behind without a second thought unlike the film where he spared her because he saved his life.
    Shan Yu still has his sword after surviving the avalanche unlike the film where he temporarily lost it. Watch at 44:17
    Mulan still has her armor on when she gets left behind and spots the Huns.
    The Huns take the emperor hostage before Mulan gets into the city and not when she's already in it.
    Shan Yu still has his hood instead of losing it after the avalanche.
    Shang, Yao, Ling and Chien Po don't help Mulan in the final battle. So no concubine crossdressing or Shang and Shan Yu having a brawl.
    The emperor escapes by simply walking into the crowd.
    Mulan doesn't put the shoe she throws at Shan Yu back on
    Mulan doesn't disarm Shan Yu with a fan and just kicks the sword out of his hand.
    Shan Yu dies by just one rocket and not a whole load of fireworks. His sword also appears to get taken along with him and gets destroyed too.

  5. In my opinion, I like Eddie Murphy's voice of Mushu better because he uses his normal voice while Mark Moseley uses his obnoxious voice as that slender red dragon.

  6. Wow. The First Ancestor was being commanding because he furiously said, "Silence!" to Mushu. Just like the Emperor of China, he was being commanding because he angrily said, "Silence!" to Mushu as well.

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