Mother's Day event – SHOW YOUR LOVE – Rise of Kingdoms

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Choosing the right Civilization + new troops stats

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36 thoughts on “Mother's Day event – SHOW YOUR LOVE – Rise of Kingdoms

  1. I like how awkward he became when talking about mothers 😅😂

    Trying to get an idea for the upcoming Midsummer event releasing probably this week in line with my Kingdom’s Reserve event.

  2. Legend rhony is really a legend please keep up with the YouTube videos, we all appreciate it ; big help!, and you need to be shown it and thanks for entertainment!

  3. I have a question… So in kvk stage 1st is killing marauders 2nd is troop training what is the next stage?

  4. Hi Rhony, I've only been playing for about 4 days and I found your nice ROK channel via your Osman spotlight guide.

    I was wondering what do you lose when an enemy attacks and defeats your base? Besides troops and a damaged wall.

    The alliance I joined has been raided twice in the last 2 days. Lol

    What does it mean when ppl say a commander 5 1 1 1? Or 5 1 1 5? It's the skills right?

  5. I'm pretty sure monday utc time there will be spring bundle that will last for 7 days long, recharge event 7 days long and also brazzen thief and lilith fucked us cuz we wasted all our aps. Ahh btw marauders is also gonna spawn on monday on most servers

  6. I like your videos, especially your talent trees. I want to ask, should the training speedups be used aggressively to upgrade any existing troops and train new troops or should some be saved? Any of your videos to give me insight into this

  7. I have a question. Sun tzu or scipio second for my eulgi all 3 maxed. Im with infantry and im with rome. I need as much as tankiness as possible

  8. For everyone reading this comment I recommend you not to dedicate to this event it is too grindy and you get 1 box from 5-10 barbs not worth if you ask me you will spend a lot of AP for not much boxes.

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