Mod A Nintendo Wii From Start To Finish in 2020 – Complete SoftMod Guide.


#### DOWNLOADS ####

ModMii –

SD Memory Card Formatter –

Wii SNES Emulator I used in this video –

Wii USB/SD Loader that I used –

Other downloads you might be interested in (requires login, password below.)


If ModMii fails to download all the files I have them available for 4.3U only here

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This video shows you how to install the Wii softmod using ModMii, also shows you how to install Emulators, Virtual Console and WiiWare games, plus USB Loader. Pretty much everything you’ll need to have a awesome Wii.

You should only download and install backups of Wii or any other system games that you already own!


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29 thoughts on “Mod A Nintendo Wii From Start To Finish in 2020 – Complete SoftMod Guide.

  1. The only step he misses is, during installing the VC games, HB's Wad Manager will install the games directly to the Wii's system memory. It only takes installing a few games before you get the message your memory is full. After each game you install through the Wad Manager, you have to move it to your SD card within the Wii data management settings…Not sure if there is a way to direct the WAD manager to install directly on the SD card. I didn't take the time to investigate.

  2. Hey Matt Awesome video everything worked perfectly great directions thank you so much. A couple of questions. 1. How do I put more games on more sd cards. I tried just copying all the folders to another sd card then putting new, different games in my wbfs file but when I try to open them in the USB loader it says "no games found" 2. Should I just use a USB or hard drive and if so…how? Thanks again man!!

  3. How do I do it with a USB and not an SD Card? And by that I mean when transferring the WAD File game into the Wii

  4. I am stuck on the ModMii Skin page. It sayd 45 of 53 files are invalid, missing and were not updated. Any help? Time stamp is around 16:13 where his download finished but mine didn't.
    EDIT: It says IOS36-64-v3351.wad is missing but I have it in my desktop? Why does it say its missing? It says 1 of 53 file(s) are Invalid, Missing, or were Not Updated. Help please 🙁

  5. Can you play GameCube games off the SD card using this mod? If yes, what file type should you use for GameCube games, for it to work? Thanks

  6. Anyway to show or tell me how to fix when going into Multi Mod Manager the wii remote stops working. Thanks!

  7. Thanks so much! I have a problem today May 2020, moding my Wii during this pandemic sounds like a great idea. I am stuck at installing the multimod manager (about minute 25 of this video). The controller stops working and cannot move around the screen. Thanks again

  8. You are the man!!! Followed your directions exactly! Now I have SNES and NES emulators in 2020! Thank you so much! But do you know of a channel installer for just regular NES?

  9. hey Matt YOU ARE THE BEST BRO THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! 🙂 I will like ur video and subscribe thank you damn yesss

  10. This seems like a sweet tutorial. Will try this tomorrow with a Wii I just got. But I do have a 250 gig harddrive I would love to use for the games. I just a little confused on how to set up the harddrive.

  11. i tried to mod. after i clicked on letter bomb, my Wii controller was frozen. I could not do anything. does anyone know why?

  12. How can i continue also play games from my if i want, after softmoding this way?
    Now if i want to go to cd channel, it says "update system".
    I Softmoded sucesfuly, but half of games that i downloaded, wont work, just black screen.

  13. Thank you for this. It is April 2020 Pandemic and this was an excellent use of time! The CD drive broke on our wii last year, and I had been thinking about trying this but never had the time. I got everything to work with remarkably little trouble.

  14. Hi Matt Man! first thanks for this excellent step-by-step guide to enable a newbee like me to soft mod a Wii in just a matter of minutes. I have just got a pre-owned Wii 4.3E from a friend from Australia. I have carried out the soft modification using Modmii wizard. I have been able to download few SNES and Wii NTSC (US) games in .wbfs format and run them from a 32GB USB drive. Now, all are running fine except the COD 3 which launches without any hiccups but freezes on loading screen. Not able to find any support video anywhere over the net. Will appreciate any help in this regard. Thanks in advance!

  15. Thank you for spending your time to-do this, and I watched in it's entirety but holy fuck, this was painful.

  16. I want to tell my problem that i have while downloading files from modmii. My account name is "AĎAS" and the installer didnt dealt with the "Ď". so i prefer to dont have diacritic in your name.

  17. I tried many times to mod my Wii during this week, then I found this video. Everything seems to work flawlessly, but I have some questions:
    I had installed the Snes9x Gx emulator and some ROMs, but neither of these is been accepted. Where do you find the ROMs? Some particular format that works better for this emulator?
    I also tried to install the SD/USB loader but it shows me an error that says "try to reinstall". How would I do that?

  18. 24:22 my Wii’s display is showing white dots flying around a black screen?? FML… ok, so I guess I can’t move at all when I’m at this part? Can anyone help? 😫

  19. When I install the downloaded games in WAD manager and select the game in the home channel it says: "This channel can't be used"????

  20. I NEED HELP! I was wondering if you could help me with something. I am using my wii that I modded (thanks to you), now what I am trying to do play Karaoke Party (gamecube game) on my wii from Nintendont. It works fine, except the mic I have is a usb mic. How do I get it to work with a gamecube game, since gamecube games use the memory slot. Is there any way I would I be able to do it?

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