Meat Puppet – 1997 PC game (Quick play)


A really odd and obscure PC game from 1997 by a small studio that was common on that time called “Kronos Digital Entertainment”. I remembered this game from a Demo from PC Zone magazine and also the cover girl Lotos Abstraction (Yes her name). Probably one of those early game that say Fuck and Shit in there, way before Kingpin. Playing the Full Game using a fan patch installer to install the game. The control is horrible and way worse than Crusader No Regrets series.

Gonna see if I can be bothered to finish this game ever…. don’t hold your breath, as I have short attention span nowadays.

“With an enormous, smoking gun at her side, the raven-haired beauty in snug body armor spins on her spiked heel and exits the burning,blood-spattered room, leaving echoes of her light, seductive giggle behind like a parting gift. Meet Lotos Abstraction a beautiful woman with a magnificent gun. They have a working relationship. The rest is slightly more complicated.

Beneath the littered streets of Neoteric Los Angeles lurk the cannibalistic elder kin known as the Abominations. Eating the gangrenous, fleshy refuse of Embassy Corpus Delecti, these militant metahumans plot insurrection and are stockpiling armaments and medical supplies to augment their already fearsome preternatural strength. And it is here that they have cornered Lotos, short on ammo, short on temper. Your mission? Find the exit and get out alive.

Meat Puppet brings players a sophisticated story with intriguing characters, visually stunning graphics and animation, and an expansive playing universe. If they can handle it, Meat Puppet brings gamers a mega caliber brand of third-person, isometric-view action game combined with obstacle and puzzle solving. The designers created this micromission and engineered it for maximum violence density. All rooms are unique and don’t appear anywhere else.”


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22 thoughts on “Meat Puppet – 1997 PC game (Quick play)

  1. I spent hours and hours trying to get this game working on my PC in 97/98 and never got to play it or even witness a gameplay video. This is the first time I'm seeing it and it's confirming that I indeed wasted my time, this looks terrible.

  2. The video was released in late 2018, but I am so happy to share my childhood memories. It is a good video! xDDD

  3. I’ve must have been 10-11 years old when I played the shareware version of this game. It felt very creepy yet it was very stylistic.

  4. Wow, that game actually exists! I remember reading a review of it but never seeing it in stores! I think I thought it's a hoax or something.

  5. Thank you for the video. Bought the game back in 1997. Still have it on my bookshelf to this day. The one game I ALWAY wanted to play but never got it to work passed the menu screen. To this day I still trying to figure out how to get this game to run on any PC I have build.

  6. It does exist! I wanted to love this so much but the controls were so rough. Still, close to being Aeon Flux the Game.

  7. I bought this game in 1999 and couldn't work out how to control the main character. She was front-flipping all over the place, it was so hard to climb stairs or use doors, and I kept exploding before I could get anywhere. Looks like it was actually pretty good if I hadn't been such a dumbass. Thanks for the upload!

  8. Wow did it seriously take until 2018 to make a gameplay video of this game? I'm surprised. I never played the game, but I remember hearing very vaguely about it a magazine decades ago, so I thought I'd look it up on Youtube.

  9. JESUS CHRIST I have been looking for the intro movie to this game for 15 years ever since my CD-ROM copy rotted away. Thank you.

  10. i'd ever thought i would NEVER see the gameplay of this in existence on youtube since getting hooked on the soundtrack a few years back! thank you for this!

  11. Gah. I've wanted this game for years, and I can't get it to work. Don't suppose you'd be willing to do a Longplay, would you?

  12. I remember this, MDK, and fallout. The game played like shit, and my retarded self couldn't find control scheme for it so I just put it down.

  13. Awesome! I bought this game years ago and, never got to play it. Apparently, there was a patch and I never could get it to work… really disappointing. So, I really enjoyed getting to see the game in action. Thank you! 😊

  14. WAIT A FUCKING MINUTE … this was made by "Kronos Digital Entertainment" !!!! They are the makers of "Fear Effect" !!!
    a company that did a 180 ,after this game produced 3 mediocre fighting games and then … its Swan Song Fear Effect 1 and 2 … hated Eidos for killing this company when they stopped giving them funding for Fear Effect 3 (Like Square Enix did the same with them… first killing I-O and then the rest of the Edios crew ) … and now as a big Fuck you to Edios … they are doing REMASTERS of those Two games and the third game … like they say "It was only business"

  15. so it uesd the Dxwnd way of Driect wnidow ….. kepe up thw godo wrok and PEWPAWPONG wlil hvae ntohing at on oyu

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