Longplay of Body Harvest


Longplay of Body Harvest, played as the NTSC version on the Nintendo 64. This game’s version was released on Sep. 30th, 1998. Please give the video a like! Timecodes are below:

0:00:15 – Opening
0:04:17 – Greece: Stage 1
0:24:26 – Greece: Stage 2
0:51:55 – Greece: Stage 3
1:21:33 – Greece: Shield Generator
1:26:09 – Greece: Boss
1:29:03 – Java: Stage 1
1:45:30 – Java: Stage 2
2:02:33 – Java: Stage 3
2:31:49 – Java: Stage 4
3:07:58 – Java: Shield Generator
3:11:50 – Java: Boss
3:14:50 – America: Stage 1
3:39:38 – America: Stage 2
4:05:15 – America: Stage 3
4:29:36 – America: Shield Generator
4:37:31 – America: Boss
4:41:20 – Siberia: Stage 1
5:00:17 – Siberia: Stage 2
5:20:27 – Siberia: Stage 3
5:34:40 – Siberia: Stage 4
6:00:20 – Siberia: Shield Generator
6:09:45 – Siberia: Boss
6:13:13 – Alien Comet: Stage 1
6:27:03 – Alien Comet: Stage 2
6:41:30 – Alien Comet: Stage 3
7:03:50 – Alien Comet: Final boss
7:06:42 – Ending
7:06:06 – Credits

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39 thoughts on “Longplay of Body Harvest

  1. You probably wouldn’t guess this game was designed by the same team as the GTA franchise! It’s developed by DMA Design which was later renamed to Rockstar games.

    It’s definitely an amazing game for it’s time and the console it was released on. There are a few annoyances about it but you can’t be too critical about a game that’s nearly 20 years old.

    There are 5 different maps which are divided in several area sections (stages). Each stage requires you to blow some enemies up, steal cars, find weapons and ammo and sometimes do a bit of puzzling. At the end of the stage awaits a small boss. Once killed, there’s a passage in the energy field which you can enter to go to the next stage area. Once all stage bosses are defeated you can take on the big boss and finish the area.

    The game has an amazing concept. Minor downside is that you need to restart your save when you die, so sometimes that’s 30-40 minutes of gameplay lost as you get to save at every passage.

    Most annoying level was the second one because the character can’t really walk up hills very well and level 2 is full with mountains and lava. I had to make a second save in the midst of one of the stages in the second area because I kept dying due to some bullshit such as not being able to get back into my helicopters as the sprite was too big, or falling off hills.

    Last level is just constant shooting action in your spaceship which is super overpowered, so you get to face the biggest and meanest monsters. It had my heart beat racing and it was a thrill to play.

    The people who know this game absolutely love it, but it was never very popular due to bad advertising. Happy to have it here up on the channel to give it some extra exposure it deserves.

  2. would kill for a remake/sequel… hey rockstar–the crime-drama bit has been done to death at this point! get back on this ip and show some originality! how about space station silicon valley while you're at it!

  3. I just wish the vehicles except maybe one were all combat oriented looking. Not just all regular looking cars that all of a sudden shoot big laser beams.

  4. Oh wow GTA creators ROCKSTAR Made this game huh..I can see it. At least with GTA 3. This game was honestly ok and alluring to me as a kid. Here to finally see end of it…all.

  5. aww man i had this game when i was a kid, i didnt knew what i was doing so i never really got into it shame because it was a good game

  6. i remember my cousin was the one who introduced me to this game when i was very young.

    this game used to scare me when i was a child but i’d still play tf out of it. i think what disturbed me the most was the very creepy realistic-looking faces when youd talk to people inside their homes, plus the super depressing music doesn’t help the atmosphere. it kind of gives you a sense of dread the entire time you’re playing.

  7. Man I played the shit out of this as a kid. What a game it would be now if Rock star remade it. Only in my dreams.

  8. I'm surprised no one ever made a film about this. It sounds(the score is great) like something Stephen King would have written a screenplay for in the 80s/early 90s.

  9. Played this game for hours as a kid never got passed the first level lol..but somehow found a way to get the cool black suit

  10. 4:55:00 this is something i dont see often, not only a mutant, but two mutant enemies.
    i really miss playing this game, too bad i dont have it and emulators on my pc cant play it :/

  11. This game fucking scared me as a kid. And it actually still unsettles me today as a 25 year old man lmfao

  12. Oh my god I swear the cutscene was realistic when I was kid. I never remembered this game until I saw the intro, now I gotta get it

  13. I found this game in a computer shop near by 3 months ago but I didn't have a n64 that worked (mine was faulty) and I found a working one on amazon so now I'm playing this a little bit.. I do like it

  14. Awesome game. Not that it adds a lot of value but reading books on the bookshelves and searching skeletons for a skeleton laugh is fun too!

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