Level Design At Ubisoft


“I’m a gamer myself and I know what to expect to have fun with the game, and by bringing that mindset into design it really helps being able to push the design even further.” Adrien, Gabriel, Manny, Sirada and Stéphane share their experiences as level designers at Ubisoft.

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38 thoughts on “Level Design At Ubisoft

  1. Das alte Rom ist einfach gigantisch schön.
    Ich wünschte es gäbe eine Software in dieser Schönheit für das soziale Leben,für Architektur, Musik, Kunst, Handwerk für diese schöne Stadt. Da gäbe es viel zu lernen und zu entdecken ,auch für Frauen und Kinder auch ohne Gewalt. Seinen eigenen Palast bauen,mit Garten ,…😌Sowas wie Sims für Rom(?)

  2. I have always wanted to be a video game tester but I lack the experience in the industry of video games. The only thing I how to is play video games not design or programming.

  3. I bet they are all nice and genius people but Ubisoft gets worse every year haven't been good since black flag & far cry 3

  4. Im so preasured and a bit scared cause Its either I'd be a level designer or an environment artist Well I do know Unreal Engine And Unity but I don't fucking know SnowDrop like wtf? there engine is not available for public use. There for I can not use it to expand my skill jesus!

  5. My god the comments…… hahaha what a bunch of silly kids who doesn't know anything about level designers and game dev in general !!

  6. No one ever takes a game developers you tube videos seriously 😛 98% of the comments will be just meme shitposts, 1% will be absolute gibberish and the other 1% will be something relevant.

  7. Thats a pretty interesting interface for the Snowdrop engine. Whenever I'm designing levels I usually model all my 3d assets but I wonder if that still holds true in the Professional level design world, or are these level designers given pre-made assets and given the task to layout the entire space. I still have a lot to learn in order to get to this level

  8. Your games are awesome but on the technical aspect they suck big time. Have you saw how many bugs and performance issues you can experience with your games??? This is ridiculous asa well as absurd. I'm a big fun but I hope ypu find a better way to fix your engine and make your games more tolerable for all systems both console and pc.

  9. I try to get a job as Level Designer at Massive but I never get the chance to show what I can do! I allways get shut down on my applications, hard to know what to work on when you get 0 feedback to improve

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