Let's Look At: Smooth Operators – Call Center Chaos! [PC]


You don’t have to yell, sir.

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22 thoughts on “Let's Look At: Smooth Operators – Call Center Chaos! [PC]

  1. Really? No comments about Sade? Seriously?
    "No need to ask, he's a smooth operator…smoooooth operator… coast to coast LA to Chicago…"
    I don't want to live in world where people don't know Sade XD

  2. game slows down, and you cant scroll around the screen very fast, and night time sucks too slow… : (
    Need hax just to combat those two issues : … hrmmm

  3. @Northernlion, this game is a simplified clone of SimTower. Not really much like TinyTower at all (aside from the tower aspect), really.

  4. Theres a very similar free game with better graphics on armor games called corperation. I dont why you would buy this

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