Lee Jun Ho Kisses Jung Ryeo Won!!! [Wok of Love Ep 24]

Âm Nhạc

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38 thoughts on “Lee Jun Ho Kisses Jung Ryeo Won!!! [Wok of Love Ep 24]

  1. I finished this drama twice and still cant get over them and coming back to kocowa tv for sweet scenes omo…..otokajye chhingu🤭🤭🤭

  2. Jung ryeo won made lee junho look older. And also vice versa. I was surprised that she is around 9 years older than him. They have very good age gap chemistry and dynamics. Their eye contacts are soooo heart fluttering. They made each other so charming with and without saying anything. Their body language is so cute. I always felt their chemistry can go beyond off screen!!!

  3. Her role in this drama is not a character that makes me love her ,I kinda don't like her . Her father is in jail, she asked 1million wons , not to hire a big lawyer for him but to save her horse ..she didn't look for her "husband". Totally ignored . She didn't fight for her couple…she lives like it didn't exist xD
    Ok I know, it's a drama …but I don't like her character u_u
    I only love others characters, they are really touching compared to her.
    Sorry guys .

  4. Junho has a unique menly style as well as his acting. I could pause at any second of this scenene presenting his face and dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :((

  5. OK wait… let me get this straight..
    is he having an affair with his restaurent partner/boss and yet fall fr her??!!
    spoil me… hahha….

  6. Lastima que esta serie no tenga los capítulos correlativos y no esté en español, porque me encantan los dos como pareja, se acoplan perfectamente en sus papeles, y parece real como actuan❤👌

  7. Junho is just so phenomenal… it's incredible how talented of an actor he is. The way he played his voice, the way he looked and moved – so so manly; exactly what the role of Chef Poong required. All the goosebumps during this scene. He's so amazing. I hope so badly he could do another drama before he has to enlist but it doesn't look very likely 😔 I'll be watching everything he's done so far over and over again (&listening to his music) and wait for his return to drama land.

  8. Ai người việt nam thì đọc nha. Mk muốn các bn xem video mà pis tên phim thì mong các các để tên phim lại. Cho các bạn vn ko pis. Video nào cũng thế là mn cùng dc xem " phim chảo lửa ty ""

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