Largest Paintball Battle – Living Legends 6 x HK Army


2,000 Paintball players battled it out in the largest 2 day paintball event!! HK Army returned after the huge amount of fun we had at CPX Sport’s Living Legends 5 to film the 2013 event titled Living Legends 6! Living Legends 6 was the largest real paintball battle to happen and we were lucky enough to film and create this video from the paintball battle !!

Filmed & Edited by Cassidy Sanders

Music: Falcon Funk – Leophant
Released by Monstercat

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HK Army Paintball

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37 thoughts on “Largest Paintball Battle – Living Legends 6 x HK Army

  1. Number of paintballers: 2000 “Biggest paintball”

    Try Invasion of Normandy, skirmish PA. 4000 people. Hooah

  2. This video got me back into paintball when it came out. I was like "There's bikini girls now?…..I'm in!"

  3. Me watching this: Next time I go I'm going to rush through their team
    Me when I go: I'm gonna chill in this corner and shoot at the bunkers

  4. I would probably shit myself if I was a Referee standing in the middle of the battlefield seeing a thousand people with painball guns run towards me from both my sides…

  5. the dude at 0:55 need a medal of honor definitely he risk for his teamates the most amazing thing i ever saw in paintball

  6. This is awesome , But hurty to get shot at by everyone at the checkpoint flag , And much respect to those disabled people , they're badasses !

  7. Over 6 years later and I never get tired of watching this, this which shows how paintball can bring people together for the same things: have fun, shoot others, and do it with those you have met or will meet in life…. it’s the memories you hold and make in paintball that will keep paintball close to your heart!!! #longlivepaintball #neverforget #livinglegends

  8. Every ones talking about 55 seconds lol did u seee what happens at 3:55 they had to retreat it was so hot lolol

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