Always win at the world’s worst board game with this mind-reading, future-predicting original effect. You just need some napkins and a pen.*

Thanks Marcus Eddie for playing with us!
Find him over at or on Twitter @marcudeddie

* Sexy goats are optional.

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This episode of Scam School was made by these fine, fine people:
Brian Brushwood
Brandt Hughes
Zak Holder
Roberto Villegas
Recorded on location at Moon Tower Saloon in Austin, TX


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48 thoughts on “Invent a PSYCHIC BOARD GAME!

  1. I was so lucky! I did it wrong but they chose the right numbers that allowed me to pass it off

  2. I had a dream were my mom drove me all the way across the continent so I could have a private magic lesson from Brian and when I got to his mansion it suddenly turned Into a war zone

  3. Now I FINALLY, Shwood, know why you looked so familiar to me many months back when I first saw you… You look just like Axel Stein, a German actor… ->

  4. i did it to my dad and said if you land on one of theres 2 slots you own me $50 i ended up $100 dollars richer

  5. Rather than making two predictions, you can always make it land on the same one spot depending on what side you start on. For 2, 8, or 10 you start on one side off the board, for 7 or 9, start on the same side of the board, but on the first spot. For 4, 6, or 12, start off the board on the other side, and for 3, 5, or 11, start on that other side, but on the first spot. You'll always land on the same space.

  6. I'm having great success with this scam! This is definitely going into my arsenal of Scam School scams I can remember on the spot! Thanks, Brian!

  7. Check This Out !!! you choose in your mind the app predict And always win :'( 
    Cool mind reading app for pc Here aaah psychic POWERR ! lol

  8. You could play this with someone you like, and on the sexy goat or lose a turn you could replace those with give me a kiss or a BJ.

  9. What is the dude with the green shirt in the back doing? Its like he's never seen anybody recording

  10. You could do this with 6 squares and just start at one end if it is odd and the other end if it is even.  Then write the third bad thing (out) on the back of the gameboard

  11. This trick is amazing to play as a truth or dare and you make the girl choose all de sexy stuff, like:
    1 – I take my shirt off.
    2 – The girl takes hers.
    3 – I kiss a frog
    4 – She kisses me
    5 – and so on…

    Thanks Brian, I'm a huge fan.

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