So as I hinted in the Ultimate Alliance Review, this is what we’re doing now. The series that no one asked for! Sorry it took so long to get this review ready, I had to put aside a lot of time this month to finishing up my first semester and dealing with my father’s health issues. Things are clearing up for the moment, so expect more uploads soon.

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23 thoughts on “HULK GAMES RETROSPECTIVE – Part 1

  1. My favorite thing about Xavier is that you can just tell this dude is the biggest comic book nerd loser out there. He's like a total nerd and I love it

  2. If you really want to recover Hulk: The Panteon Saga here it is
    Not that I'd reccomend doing that… goddamn I hated this game so much back when I was a kid.

  3. The 2003 movie is definitely underrated, though. It’s got a lot of emotional depth and explores the impact of trauma a great deal. I think people just weren’t ready for such a drama filled adaptation back then and wanted him to just smash shit.

  4. The MCU movies never reached the level of insanity shown in this game except for the Incredible Hulk movie

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