How to play Recoil on Windows 10 – Recoil Pc Game 1999


Recoil Pc Game 1999 – How to play Recoil on Windows 10

In this video I will show you how to get the 1999 PC Game Recoil working on Windows 10. In the video I show 3 different methods, one of these methods I show how you can play any XP game or software using Oracle VM VirtualBox

My methods will fix the following problems:
Recoil requires win 95/98
error: connection limit reached
failed to initialize video device

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Recoil Pc Game 1999 – How to download and play

Method 1: nGlide
Download link for nGlide

Method 2: dgVoodoo2
Download link for dgVoodoo2

Guide from eth3rl0rds:
For the Windows 95/98 requirement: Right click on the game exe – properties – compatibility – check compatibility mode and select the older version of the OS on whichever it runs.
For the video device initialization failure issue: Download dgVoodoo 2 – unzip – copy the files inside the MS folder (there should be 3 dll files) and paste it inside the recoil installation folder – copy the entire dgVoodoo 2 extracted items (like the MS folder, 3Dfx folder and exe file) to the recoil installation directory – from there open dgVooDoo 2 exe and set the resolution to 1999s standard (like 480p or 768p), vram to 512 or 1024 whichever fits and uncheck the dgVooDoo 2 watermark option then apply and exit – Run the recoil.

Method 3: Oracle VM VirtualBox

Download link for DAEMON Tools Lite

Download link for Microsoft .NET Framework 4


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  1. While installing I get message "Recoil requires Win 95/98" and then installation cancels.I have Win 10. Pl. suggest

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