How to play Family Business


Learn the rules to the board game Family Business quickly and concisely – This visually rich video has no distractions, just the rules.

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The object of the game is to be the last player to have any mobsters alive at the end. Setup: remove the contents from the box and place the box lid face up on the center of the table with the bottom of the bot on top of it. The short side creates the wall. As you target mobsters for elimination, line them up against the wall. When mobsters are executed, then are placed in the Rest in peace card holder in the box, called “The graveyard”.

Each player selects a mob family and lays out all mob cards out in front of themselves face up so all players can at all times see how many mobsters you have left. Discard any unused mob families to the box. Shuffle the action cards and deal 5 to each player. Keep your action cards hidden from other players. Place the remaining action cards face down on the table as a draw deck.

The dealer plays first and play proceeds clockwise. However, if someone plays a blue bordered “Counter “ card, then play jumps to them and they will take the next turn.

On your turn, you draw 1 action card from the deck then play one from your hand face up in the discard pile and follow its effects. If you wish not to play a card, you may instead discard a card without rendering its effect. When the draw deck runs out of cards, shuffle the discard into a new draw deck.

There are 3 types of cards, Red bordered attack cards, Green bordered rescue cards; and blue bordered counter cards. The blue bordered counter cards are the only cards you may play when it isn’t your turn. Counter cards affect specific cards as indicated by their text, as they are being played. Only one player may play counter cards in response to an opponent. The first counter card played takes effect, and the player who played it draws a replacement card after the effect is resolved. Additionally the player who played the counter card will take the next turn, skipping any players in between.

When you put the first mobster on the hit list, place the card vertical leaning against the wall. All subsequent mobsters are placed in front of this mobsters and extends away from the box across the table. When a mobster dies on the wall, the rest of the list moves forward one space with a new mobster against the wall.

The way mobsters die on the hit list is during a mob war. A mob war starts when a mob war, vendetta, or ambush card is played. Or when there are 6 or more mobsters on the hit list. Finally a mob war is always in effect when there are 6 or fewer mobsters left in the game.

When a mob war starts, mobsters start to die at the beginning of the next player’s turn. At the beginning of each players turn during a mob war, the mobster against the wall dies. Place the mobster face down in the Rest in peace card holder in the box. If you play vendetta or ambush you kill 2 mobsters each turn. The killing continues until all the mobsters on the hit list die, or when someone plays a truce card.

When all your mobsters are killed, you are eliminated from the game. When eliminated you put all your action cards from your hand into the discard. The game ends when only one player has mobsters left in play. Those mobsters can be either in front of him or on the hit list. The player with mobsters left at the end of the game wins.

There are a lot of cards in the game and each one says what it does and is pretty straight forward. If, however, you do have any questions about a card, please consult the rule book for a detailed breakdown of that card’s effects.


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