How to Build a Small Game Gambrel


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I am lucky to have a friend that is handy with tools, and can help me build some of the things in my head.

Smitty was also a trapper in Alaska, so he has some interesting tools and tips that help me sometimes.

I have had trouble with butchering my rabbits as I did not have a proper Small Game Gambrel to spread the legs and keep the carcasses where they needed to be.

Luckily in discussing it with my friend, he showed me a picture of a commercial Small Game Gambrel, and between the two of us we were able to modify it to my use.

Building a small game gambrel was pretty easy, it just took some aircraft cable, some crimp ends, and a length of PVC pipe.

By threading the wire through the pipe the weight of the animal pulls the gambrel tightly on the legs so it is a very sturdy setup.

Once the animal is cleaned and ready to be removed, it is a simple matter of either cutting the feet off, or lifting it up to remove the weight from the hoops.

For those that don’t think we should eat meat, I understand your position, but feel that my diet is not your call. I do my best to raise my animals in a humane and nurturing environment, and then take care to ensure a quick and clean kill – as well as to leave as little waste as possible so that I respect the animal and don’t have to kill any more than is necessary.


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