How to add USB 3.0 Drivers to Bootable USB windows 7 | To fixed windows installation error

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Hello friends, In this video, we will see how to inject USB 3.0 drive into windows 7 bootable USB drive.
many peoples facing this problem that happens because of USB 3.0 driver. Windows 7 image files have not USB 3.0 driver so when we try to install windows through pen drive then we face this kind of problem.
but when we install windows 10 then we do not face the problem because window10 image files have USB 3.0 drivers.

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How to make bootable pen drive


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31 thoughts on “How to add USB 3.0 Drivers to Bootable USB windows 7 | To fixed windows installation error

  1. Can't click on Mount WIM after choosing Install.WIM from folder……. please help . Doing it right now… Saying that you need an empty folder

  2. My Keyboard and mouse are not working after windows Is getting boot.. I can no more enter password on the welcome screen.. Can u please give a solution??

  3. stuck, help me out the install.wim showing this in dism

    Command line that ran is dism.exe /image:"C:UsersDELLDesktopDISMtemp" /Add-Driver /driver:"C:UsersDELLDesktopDISMUSBx64" /recurse

    Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool

    Version: 10.0.18362.1

    Image Version: 6.1.7601.17514

    Searching for driver packages to install…

    Error: 0x80010105

    DISM failed. No operation was performed.

    For more information, review the log file.

    The DISM log file can be found at C:WINDOWSLogsDISMdism.log

    Which driver I HAVE to install CAN YOU GIVE ME A LINK USB 3.0 drive FOR MY HP 620

  5. thanks man!!
    for who are getting error while selecting index 2 for boot and index 3 for install files, put them into sub folder and try to mount again. it will work.

    Also the driver folder location is driverswin 7×64

  6. really poorly explained rubbish video, you refer to well what if they don't have a dell and you play stupid music throughout

  7. Windows 7 ke installation ke pehle mouse keyboard kaam nhi kr rha tha par jab maine apka tutorial deka toh kaam kiya but ab windows installation complete hone ke bad jab setup krte samay mouse keyboard work nhi kr rha hai

  8. Are there any other steps that are not shown here? Do we need to put the actual driver files on the boot USB in the same folder that we used in DSIM, anything like that? I don't seem to be able to get it to work so far. I upgraded my desktop and now my Win7 doesn't have USB.

  9. 6:22 wrong destination of usb driver.must be dismusbDriversWin7x64- and u have a wrigth destination on next frame,but dont sad,that u have mistake.222 dislikes are from no-eyes people

  10. my problem is, after i downgraded from win 10 to win 7 and finish installment, i just notice the mouse and flashdrive didnt work at all, it is because win7 didnt have 3.0 driver right ? does after i follow this video tutorial, i need to reinstall my win7 again ?
    thanks sir.

  11. For install.wim i chosed index 2 only. Is it ok? Coz as per tutorial it should be index 3. ASAP. Thanks

  12. how do I install drivers to an external hard drive that has windows XP? I can't use the keyboard or mouse to get into windows XP hard drive but if I connect the windows xp hard drive to an external enclosure and then connect that to another computer…how can I manually install drivers to that windows XP hard drive?

  13. can this methode work for windows server 2008 R2 ? i stack after OS installation on dell vostro 3670 with usb3.0 port, no keyboard and mouse working, i can't login to computer ;( .

  14. As of August 2019, this works!
    Thanks to your tutorial my mouse and keyboard finally work on the Windows 7 installation from my USB.
    You gained yourself a like, my good man

  15. Just in case this video doesn't solve the issue, I have succeeded with this very complicated method a while ago and I wanted to share it, you should only do if you can't afford to use a ps/2 port mouse, you have no usb 2/usb 1 ports and none of the videos like this helped you solve the issue (This should be your last resort):

    First, format the drive or just remove all Windows-related folders that Windows comes with (I recommend not proceeding with a drive that has valuable stuff on it)

    You have to make a Virtual Machine using Virtual Box, but make it use the hard drive you're installing Windows on, and you will have to get Virtual Box to use the physical drive, not a virtual drive, to do this there are lots of tutorials, look up "How to use the physical hard drive in Virtual Box" (DO NOT DO THIS on a drive that has valuable information, raw disk on virtual box could corrupt your drive!)

    Now install Windows 7 or earlier on it like you normally would, after installing, find your motherboard manufacture's motherboard drivers on your actual machine, drop them into a folder on your Virtual Machine, preferably the Desktop for easy access.

    You cannot install the USB 3.0/sata/motherboard drivers with your manufacture's installation program because Virtual Box uses Virtual Box drivers and it will fail to work, so to do this you will need to use the command prompt and manually/forcefully install these drivers, look up "How to manually install a driver using pnputil" There are a lot of tutorials, but only a few variations of the command actually work for some reason, which is why I recommend researching it yourselves to avoid giving out a command that doesn't actually work.

    You will have to navigate and copy the path and submit a pnputil driver install command for each and every .inf file separately, I recommend only doing this for sata/usb drivers as that is all you should need for mouse and keyboard input to work.

    Okay, so now you have motherboard drivers for your outdated Windows, so restart your computer and in the BIOS allow your PC to boot from the drive. If everything was done correctly, Windows should boot up as if you installed it normally and you should be able to use your mouse and keyboard finally! Have fun!

  16. i really hope hope windows will die and some better product will take over i spend soo many hours wasted by this bullshit

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