GMG First Look: Gamma Wolves – Mission 2 'The Hunting Grounds'


My Ronin Frame Team is returning to their crawler with a successfully retrieved pile of Salvage when they are ambushed by Owen’s Ghosts of Tiamat!

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24 thoughts on “GMG First Look: Gamma Wolves – Mission 2 'The Hunting Grounds'

  1. Super excited for this to come out ! Love these generic games that let us play with any mini. Can't wait to order it.

  2. So, I have to ask now that I've watched both of these videos: Are the mediums about 5 inches high, or are 1/144 gundams just silly tall?

  3. Will it support more than 1v1? For what I've seen so far, nothing should be problematic in allowing more than 2 player on one table. Maybe snapfire will be a little messier

  4. Great game, I like the mechanics and visually it's a winner too!
    However, I find it strange that one dodge die roll counts for all snap fire attacks. It would make far more sense to remove a success each time one attack is resolved.

  5. there a support group for those of us who suffer from indecisiveness picking mechs ? asking for a friend. love what ive seen so far

  6. I thought when you dodged Melee Weapons didn't get to pick the target? Or is that a potential change to the rules…

    Edit: Also Owen bugging out first and you making the Crab People joke only made me think of Zoidberg and his Scuttling…

  7. Great to see you progressing with your own material Ash! Look forward to having the time one day to try it out. Thanks for the vids!

  8. I think the only one thing about this game that has me concerned is the "There are no models, bring what ya want" dealio, it might just be me being weird but it feels just a little off.

  9. GAMMA WOLVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Sorry I may be a bit excited about this game). Just trying to figure out which mech models I want to get to make my team when this comes out.

  10. Ouch! Eat electric death, Ronin! Looks like the rules for jets have changed so I'm looking forward to the next playtest doc!

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