Game Genies Ep. 2: Girls (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)


Track is available at

Girls’ Thank-you’s

TGK Films:

Jen Ho
Jordan Kerbs
C-Stand (The handstand girl)
F as in Frank
Stuntman/Titan Sound
Sabrina Modder
Killing Time Entertainment
TGK Films
Zach Cressman
Gregory Brown
Jeremy Szostak
Terminal City Roller Girls

Theo Kim:
Jeremy Szostak:
Zach Cressman:
Gregory Brown:


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36 thoughts on “Game Genies Ep. 2: Girls (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

  1. If any of your are old school hip hop heads- tell me the blonde one doesn't sound a lot like the guy from Nice and Smooth.

  2. Oh I mean participated girls' reaction after the shooting, girls who were not add into the video or unedited parts! Would appreciate if u got any of it.

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