Full Mammoth Tournament! || Jurassic World – The Game – Ep240 HD


The Mammoth has arrived, well the tournament has, and already loads of luck people have managed to win it in the spin wheel. I’ve got my fingers crossed. Even if you win the creature it does not unlock it until the tournament is over.

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So what is there to say about it? Well it appears to be very similar to jurassic park builder but has better graphics and better mechanics, things have been tweaked for better game play and it seems like Ludia has spent a lot of time evaluating what it takes to make a good App Game.45

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27 thoughts on “Full Mammoth Tournament! || Jurassic World – The Game – Ep240 HD

  1. If you do manage to win the Mammoth in the spin wheel it doesn't unlock it. So you'd have to win it 8 times to get a maxed mammoth or wait until the tournaments over. So if anyone has a maxed mammoth it ain't legit Unfortunately. Also How are you guys placing in the tourney?

  2. Most of the dinosaurs you have are also ones I used to have. Now i have to start all over again :’(

  3. 54:46 if you didn’t let deinocheirus die then you could’ve won! Because deinocheirus is neutral to evil super koolaid!

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