FIRST LOOK: Gamma Wolves 'The Salvage Yard'


Gamma Wolves is my game of Post-Apocalyptic Mecha Combat set centuries from now when the earth can only be navigated with the help of heavily shielded and armoured Frames. Mankind has retreated into various arcologies where they live constantly on the edge of extintion. Frame Teams called ‘Gamma Wolves’ salvage the remnants of the past to resupply and keep their societies going.

GMG Patrons have access to the Core Rules to get a head-start on building Frame Teams. The full hardback Rulebook will be published by Osprey Games early 2020.

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32 thoughts on “FIRST LOOK: Gamma Wolves 'The Salvage Yard'

  1. 1/144 gundams work as 'medium' frames?

    Oh man I wish I had seen this when it came up. I almost feel like most 1/144's are a good bit taller than the medium you show though. Would they be better off as larges or is that a little on purpose?

  2. So, was watching this and at first I had some concerns which I'll mention below. But as I kept watching, I got more excited. I've been searching recently for the sweet spot in combat damage between something as abstract as CAV, Heavy Gear, and Horizon Wars, and as detailed and sometimes monotonous as Battletech (which I do still like). I really like the damage system here. Just crunchy enough with enough speed to get real damage beyond just armor/body. I also, provisionally, like the interplay between the maneuver/fire phases and snap fire. I like the number of interesting weapons in the game that seem like they feel different enough to work really well. In spite of not being a huge fan of the 'setting' initially, it grew on me a bit as well.

    My concerns are the following:
    1) The setting and force/scenario mix: As shown here, it implies the number of scenarios and force loadouts are limited. I realize there are easily other kinds of scenarios that can be put together, and you just need to bring more crawlers into a battle to increase the force size. This all said, the game seems easily portable to other 'settings': combat on hostile planets for instance.
    2) The ordering of actions. I'm fine with the initiative system. But I always find that alternating activations can lead to analysis paralysis among some groups. You guys play fast and furious which is great, but not everyone does. I wonder if a 'chit pull' system where each side still alternates, but each Frame has a numbered chit that is pulled from a player specific cup (rather than being mixed together) would be an interesting variant, or optional rule. A bit more fog of war too, although it could lead to more cautious play. The game also has the issue I have in some tactical games where everyone moves and then there's a lot of firing while everything stands still. It always feels unrealistic to me and to me, this would be potentially monotonous feeling portion of the game. I realize units can still move in the combat phase, but given the firing arcs are so generous (another related issue), once in a good range, I feel like most of the maneuvering after the approach phase will be backing up if in trouble, or shifting to get a better arc. Is there anything like a 'flanking' bonus in the game (something as simple as taking two hits from two different directions (greater than 90 degrees) during a turn might add stress to the hit Frame)?
    3) Everything is a Frame. Yup, they're the reason for the game. But seeing other types of units would be fun. I like the combined arms aspects of most other mech type games.

    Concerns notwithstanding, this is pretty much an autobuy for me because of the combat/damage system. I signed up on the Patreon and am curious if there's a donation level at which I need to go to get the free playtest rules? I did $1 per "Let's Play" with a cap of $5 a month.

  3. I think this idea has some real legs, the game itself looks solid and the campaign setup makes me want to try it. Actually, it makes me want to dive into the lore and start writing a couple short stories based in it.

  4. I already love it. I can totally see myself playing this with some warjacks I bought for the looks

  5. Hey Ash, congratz on doing a whole skirmish system!

    Have you thought about making the game more streamlined? From an outside perspective it’s leaning more towards an RPG than an actual tournament-playable skirmish with the amount of random rolls and lookup tables. Or was it the intent?

    Also, why separate phases for moving and shooting if you have separate resource trackers for reactors and focus anyway?

  6. This is cool on so many levels! Written by Ash… Random Mechs… Osprey Wargames… I'm intrigued!

  7. Seems like the smaller frames are super dodgy, 2+ to dodge damage seems to be very very good, your chief hardly took any damage.

  8. My gaming life right now is best described as 'skirmish mode' and now you bring me skirmish campaign robots. Now to only find a Metal Gear Rex miniature… uhh yes please!

  9. Hello Ash or anyone who can help. Do I need to join Patreon to get access to the rules. Because this looks interesting and would like to give it a go.

  10. Honestly I would like to know where you got the mechs from. You seem to glance past that, if the game has no minis we need something.

  11. reminds me alot of the old armored core games from playstation 2, am interested if you get a product site set up I will happily browse

  12. I definitely would be interested to play this game, but not at this scale. 6 or 15mm would be most likely my to go to scales, using Heavy Gear models and such.

  13. Maybe I missed it, was there any reason to not Snap Fire when an opponent does something in your sight?

  14. Have you played with the idea if drone frames?
    Where drones are limited too a size of frame or ability when it comes too shooting and manuvering?

  15. When you describing the bolschevs I kinda figured you were going too say theyve built there labirinth in cern for some reason.

  16. this looks great, thank you sir. I hope to see more! I kinda missed the buss for infinity. You have all these huge robots… and its pointless to bring them. With Gamma wolves, it seems like big robots can do what they wanna do!

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