Dreaming Mary – The Cutest & CREEPIEST RPG Maker Game – Part 1 (Normal Ending)


Welcome to the beginning of Dreaming Mary an RPG Maker game that seems super cute at first glance, but slowly becomes creepy the more you play! It’s a fairly short game with 4 different endings. I reached the “Normal Ending” in this episode already, 3 more to go!

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21 thoughts on “Dreaming Mary – The Cutest & CREEPIEST RPG Maker Game – Part 1 (Normal Ending)

  1. Rewatching this in 2020 during quarantine. I remember being 12 years old and scared shitless by this rpg and now I’m reliving it. Damn lmao

  2. lauren what key do you press to space the words when solving the penguin’s 2nd challenge bc i have been stuck on this for a while

  3. I remember being too scared to watch this, but five years later I am grown…
    watching in 2020 during the quarantine:))

  4. i'm watching this at the time that Lauren has purple hair. can you guess what time it is? corona-time. boredom-rules-time. still don’t know? well, that's odd. it's 2020.

  5. me 2017 i think: watching it on my computer during the middle of the day in the living room with my family eating
    same 2017 me: getting scared
    also same 2017 me: skipping past scary parts
    me rn (2020): decides to watch this at 2:47 am
    me: “i know for i fact that i’m gonna get scared and that i f’d up”
    me: “oh wells”

  6. I know this was 6 years ago, but I decided to rewatch the series. I watched this when I was 12 and I didn't notice some things, so, I am going to make a theory:
    (WARNING: This includes mentions of child abuse, suicide, and depression. I recommend that those who are sensitive to these topics should not read this.)

    All the animals represent important figures in her life. Bunnilda is meant to be Mary's maid/friend. Guindel is meant to be her uncle who loves to read. Foxanne is meant to be her babysitter/aunt. And Boaris is meant to be her abusive father. That's what I'm getting from Mary's interactions with all 4 of them.

    I saw and analyzed some more of the things Boaris says. ''We can do some more pleasurable things together'', ''I know that you deserve my seed''…it seems child abusive in a sexual way. Perhaps the flower petals represent her innocence. Boaris was the only one that insisted he take hers- but with the others, they will still take a petal if you fail to complete a request. Foxanne is Mary's aunt, and Mary sees her as evil sometimes, that's because Foxanne knows what Boaris is doing to Mary and she does nothing to help her situation, almost as if she doesn't care.

    Remember when I mentioned the roles of the 4 animals?
    Bunnilda probably is the maid who jumped off the roof to commit suicide.

    Guindel was her uncle who became depressed and also committed suicide.

    Foxanne was her babysitter/aunt (still not sure) who had a drinking problem (ex: the martini she's always holding in her hand) and ended up overdosing on alcohol.

    What if the ''petals'' represent Mary's innocence?
    Every time she fails a task, she has to give a petal to an animal. After that, they disappear. Perhaps, in real life, every time an important figure in her life dies, she loses her innocence and spirals into depression. And the animals ''disappearing'' and her ''losing a petal'' represents that.
    Now, here's an important part. Boaris insisted to take one of her ''petals'' meaning, deflower her. I mentioned that Boaris represents her father and sexually abuses Mary. So, taking a petal from her means…that he's taking her virginity…
    But, it's also inevitable. Unless Mary gives Boaris her ''petal'', she can't progress into the dream. But…maybe, by dreaming, Mary wants to distance/disconnect herself from real life and doesn't want anything bad to happen to her in real life. She wants to not suffer anymore. To not hurt anymore. To be happy with everyone again.
    But, it only turns out, that all along the dream was a nightmare in disguise. And the pain she goes through is inevitable.

    That is all I have managed to figure out.
    I still haven't tied all the strings together but I'll progress my theory soon.

  7. Lauren: plays this game and gets the bad ending
    Kiaya: I knew you were too soft.
    Edit: You were being an idiot the whole time… -_-

  8. So I know that it’s been like YEARS since this vid came out but here’s an explanation:
    Her mom died from a coma
    Her dad is mean and locks her away
    He hired a maid(Bunnilda) and a tutor(FoxAnne)
    She liked them both
    She also had a uncle(pen Guindel)
    He gave her books and a penguin toy for her birthday
    Her dad found out that these people she liked so
    He killed/cut of all contact with them
    So now Mari dreams about them
    Pen Guindel=uncle
    Boaris=her dad
    The lily= her virginity/innocence
    Pen Guindel is the only one who isn’t mad or upset when you answer wrong
    He’s the only one who actually cares about your well being
    Boaris basically manipulates you so that you will NEVER wake up

    I think 🙂

  9. Me: *grabs rocket launcher * RAVIOLI RAVIOLI NO FRICKING THE PINK HAIRED LOLI! *shoots boaris *

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