Deep Tumblr Quotes #Emotional

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❝Beautiful quotes and sayings❞

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If you are poet and recognize your quote/s in my video please write me also here. There we can discuss, if you want me to mention you or if I should delete the video. It is difficult the credit all poets because I have most of the quotes from websites & Pinterest without any credit.
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17 thoughts on “Deep Tumblr Quotes #Emotional

  1. "Everyone has a little bit of beautiful in them, only just a little, but only a few can make it look like they have a lot of beauty, how? They use their hearts"

  2. Ur videos r so motivating…..and I am the person who is more heartbrokened and Thanks for ur video for making me stronger….and today onwards I dnt care anyone and I will surely achieve my dreams…..and make my future bright

  3. "Don't hld on to someone who is living, otherwise you won't meet the one who is coming" I agree, but sometimes it's not so easy to let someone you love go away…

  4. Our past does make us who we are today. I've made the decision to help it make me a better, caring and understanding person. Love the quotes and the beautiful music💞🎼

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