Colors!3D For The Nintendo 3DS In Depth App Review by an Artist! Colors3D


Application review on Nintendo 3DS Colors!3D.

In this video, I’ll be demonstrating what the Nintendo 3DS Colors!3D app can and cannot do. I’ve searched everywhere over YouTube and there isn’t any video that discusses this application not only for the Nintendo 3DS but also in an artist perspective. The app is great! While it is available on IOS, Android and PSVita, the App stands out a lot more on the Nintendo 3DS.

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23 thoughts on “Colors!3D For The Nintendo 3DS In Depth App Review by an Artist! Colors3D

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  2. No way why didn't I know about this application 😭 I have been using Pokémon art academy as my drawing application while this has existed I feel so dumb lol

  3. I bought the app back in the day loved it my art is still on the website if definitely recommend it

  4. hey dark do you have to have a unused Nintendo 3DS to download it? cause i really want to try it out myself

  5. I feel super dumb for not getting this app sooner. All the times where I actually had the money to get it; instead, I got other games/themes for my system. ’Cause at a glance, without getting reviews on the thing until now, I assumed it sucked. Now I know I was wrong, and I deeply regret not getting this the first time I had the opportunity to. Agh, it’s killing me that it’s not on my SD card right now. >~<;

  6. Hi Dark! I just bought the new 3ds xl and colors 3d. I like it so far. How can i export my painting to my computer?

  7. if u sign up in colors 3d gallary will all of my drawings be uploaded automatically or do I choose which one I want specifically to view by the public??!

  8. Someone explain why the Vita version is banned in the UK. All we have is Paint Park, which, arguably, is still pretty darn good!

  9. So whenever I try to make a gallery account, I get the message,
    "Sorry, we cannot create an account for you at this time. Please contact us at Reference number 1888528576" I have tried contacting them and I did mention the number, but no response. I've had the app for over a year now and I still have that annoying error message. Anything I can do?

  10. Nice review! So want to get this no, looks worth it for £5!
    Quick questions:
    1.) I heard you can zoom if so, how?
    2.) Is there a colour picker (so you can chose a colour already that is on your canvas)
    3.) Can you go into more detail with how the reference feature works? Sounds like a really interesting feature.

    Thanks! 🙂

  11. I'm thinking of purchasing this, is it worth the 8 dollars? I love Flipnote Studio 3D, however I realize this is just painting and not animation. I like drawing and I love doing it on the 3DS because I can erase easily and save my work. So, should I buy this?

  12. Good video! I will definitely be getting this! Also, I think this would be perfect for DeviantArt, because I heard you can not only export in high-res, but also export 3DS files as well as the animation files to the SD card to port over to PC. Thanks for the demonstration. 🙂

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